Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Wheels on the Bus

Emily and I love to watch Cullen on Emme has learned so many songs by watching her and she does really great things around the holidays too. If you have kids you should check her out!

Here's a video of Em singing the 'Wheels on the Bus'. It's a riot!!!

Isn't she so darn cute?
Here's a few pics to share as well....
Em on the trampoline at they have open gym on saturday's for kids under 6 to play on all the fun gymnastic equipment!

Here is Em brushing Auntie CeCe's hair.
We finally had some nice weather a few weeks ago so we got Em's bike out. She still can't reach the pedals, but had fun anyways.
Em LOVES to draw. We do it pretty much every day. She's going to be quite the artist someday!
We switched Em from a sippy to a 'big girl cup' for dinner. She's doing so good with it.

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