Sunday, January 28, 2007

Rae and Luc come to visit!!

Well I haven't written in apologies (I think I always start my blogs out that way!!). Anyways, my friend Rae from high school came up to visit on Friday with her 7 month old little boy, Lucian. He is adorable!!! Rae and Luc met me for lunch at Panera on Friday, then we came to my house. She hadn't seen our house yet, so it was fun to show her around. For some reason my cat, Bea, had it out for Rae. She did not want her in the house, so it was an eventful night of Bea randomly attacking Rae every time she got up....once Rae was sitting on the couch and Bea was 'nicely' sitting behind her on the top of the sofa and Rae turned to look at her and Bea hissed and jumped at her...holy smokes! I started to get scared of my normally very nice cat!! It was a riot. Thankfully the cat seemed okay with the Luc, just was afraid of Rae for whatever reason.

Anyhow, we hung out here friday night. Kory and I made her some fajitas, so that was yummy! Then we watched TV and just caught up on old times. We don't get to see each other as much as we'd like. Rae and her husband lived in NY for several years and have been back in Chicago for almost a year now. It's great to have them 'home'. Rae even convinced me to watch some Australian tennis! HA HA Nice job Rae! It was actually entertaining.

Then Saturday we got up...and with a little more of Bea antagonizing Rae, they left about 10. I hope you come and visit soon and hopefully the cat will be a little nicer to you!!