Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cute Em Video and Mike/Jeff Birthday Photos!

Kory took this video of Emily a few weeks ago and we like to watch it over and over. She came home from school one day singing this song. It cracks me up every time I watch it. Enjoy!!

We also had Mike 30th birthday and Jeff's 35th birthday earlier this month. We went out to a nice dinner in Madison and then off to a bar for cake and drinks.

The newlyweds!!

Jeff, Kory and Mike at The Red Shed

Thought this was a half-way decent pic of me and Kory

Thumbs up! Glad Mom was able to join us too!!

My friend Nan made this cake...not only did it look good...but it was delicious!!

Mom and her 3 girls

Cuties!!! Cori & Jeff looking sharp :)

The Birthday Boys

Mike and Amy - super cute pic!!!

Thursday, September 01, 2011

August 2011 Update

Well summer is just about over. It's officially September - but yet it's 90 degrees outside today. Feels really odd in Wisconsin! I know it won't last long, so we're enjoying our last few weeks of nice weather before it gets chilly.

Emily is growing like a weed! Both mentally and physically. She is now in her new class for the fall - Miss Suzie is her teacher. She seems to be enjoying it thus far. She will miss being in Miss Maggie & Miss Mindi's class though. She can now almost write her name. She can spell her name outloud. She can identify almost all the letters in the alphabet if they are written down. She can say her alphabet from start to finish. She can count up to about 16 or so without messing up...although every once in a while she throws in an eleventeen and I can't help but crack up!! She is a big helper. She loves to help with everything that you are doing. 

Here is Em helping Daddy wash my new car. We bought a 2012 Ford Fusion a few weeks ago and traded my Trailblazer. I am getting used to being in a little car - but it's lots of fun and I really like it.

Em got bored washing the car and decided she needed to wash her feet instead :)

Daddy's truck. Just thought it was a really neat picture with that giant tree in the background.

I told you she likes to help!!! She loved washing the big truck with daddy. Oh...and doesn't everyone wear their leotard while washing cars in the driveway??

For the 2nd year in a row, we attended the Sun Prairie Sweet Corn Festival parade. Emily LOVES parades. She has now found out the trick to getting candy. Just ask her to show you sometime...she has the moves down :) I swear people flock to her and give her handfuls of candy!!! LOL!

Auntie CeCe joined us this year and we had a great time!

This was Em waiting for the parade to start. It was a HOT day!!
 The parade is on Thursday and then on the weekend they have the Sun Prairie Sweet Corn Festival. This year was extra special because The Stampf's live here now!!! So they came along too. It was Cori, Jeff & the girls, Casey & Mike, and Me, Kory and Emily. We had a great day!!

Mikaiya, Braenna and Emily - "Children of the Corn"

The girls on the big swings. You could hear Braenna's happy screams from where we were standing. It was a riot to watch them!!! Oh and to watch Em keep her shoes from flying off. Didn't even think about the flip flops.

The girls played the Lucky Ducky game and each won a tiara

Kory went down this BIG slide with Emily. I don't think he realized how fast you actually go. I've been down them a few times with her before. So Daddy was laughing pretty hard!!!!

Here is Emily and I on the ferris while. It was her first time on one of those. She did great!

My friend Sarah joined us with her little boy Max. It was Max's first carnival ride!!!!
 The last weekend in August we decided to make a quick weekend trip up to Hayward. My mom broke her foot just days before we arrived, so we weren't sure if we should go or not. But we decided to go and had a great time. Em's allergy to mosquitos does not seem to be getting any better though and the bugs were terrible. So between Mom's foot and Emily's mosquito bites we spent a lot of time inside just relaxing. It was a nice trip!!!

Peek!!! This was our usual park up north. Em was happily running around and playing with the other kiddos there.
 Finally - we've been BUSY BUSY BUSY switching bedrooms. So we have 3 bedrooms in our house and we moved Em from her first bedroom to the playroom. Then we put the playroom in her old room. So Daddy did an awesome job of painting her room a very pretty purple. Then we went out and bought all new furniture for her. We got a full size bed with a twin size trundle underneath. I am sure she will be having plenty of sleepovers as she gets older so we might as well plan ahead.

Here she is all ready for bed!!!

We also had to switch closets so we organized as we moved things. She is VERY proud of her new shoe rack :)

Here is her new bed and new bedding set that she picked out all by herself :)

Here's the bed and dresser view

The other side of the room
So it's a little tight as our house is not huge, but it works for her and for us. She is sound asleep as I type this in her new bed. So it must be comfortable :)

I can't believe August is gone already. Now on to a fun September!!!!