Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Halloween 2013

This year for Halloween, Emily was very excited to have the exact same dress as her American Girl doll.

Our brides!

Don't ask...it was her request.

The veil she wore was the one I wore for my wedding!

My sister Cori and her hubby Jeff always host us for Halloween. Our neighborhood is kind of lame when it comes to trick-or-treating and Em always has fun with her cousins and all their friends.

First we filled our bellies with some good food!

Emily and her cousin Braenna

Audrey - the zebra. She was so stinkin cute!

The tongue!!!

All the kids that went trick-or-treating together

It was so rainy and miserable - Kurt's umbrella blew apart!

Wet, wet and more wet :(


Girls Weekend, Nashville and Other Randoms....

I had the best girls weekend with my 2 best friends the last weekend in Sept. It seems so long ago now. We had such a blast! We got pedicures, went out to lunch, went shopping! Just had a blast. It was much needed and thank you to my hubby for watching Miss Em so I could go!

Ali, Me, Tina
 In mid-October, Kory and I went on our Nashville trip. It was soooooo much fun!  We put Em on the bus on Wednesday morning and then hit the road. We arrived around dinner time and checked into our hotel (which was awesome and soooo close to downtown!) then went out and had dinner and listened to some live music. We basically spent every single day doing the same thing...eating, drinking and listening to GOOD country music. It was such a nice relaxing vacation. Thanks to Bonnie for coming to stay at our house to get Em on and off the bus each day and to spend all that quality time with our little munchkin.

We barely took any photos of ourselves, but we were in fact there :) Here is proof!
 The only "touristy" thing we did was we went to the American Pickers store called Antique Archaeology. It was about a mile walk from our hotel.

Super cool building the store was located inside

Cheap trick guitar in the store

My shirt!
 We went to so many different bars and saw so many different bands that I can't tell you who is who - but I can tell you we had a blast!!!!

Our new boots! We both bought some real boots. They are awesome!!!!

While in Nashville, we attended the Florida Georgia Line, Thompson Square and Luke Bryan concert...I think this may be my favorite concert EVER! It was such a blast. Had soooo much fun!

These were cardboard cutouts of FL GA Line. Emily loves them so we sent her this picture and she was freaking out. She thought we were just hanging out with the guys. Ha! WE WISH!

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So many fun things to say about Nashville. Can't wait for another trip there!!

Now on to some random pictures from the last month or so!

Emily started a new dance class - it's Hip Hop. Here she is learning how to break dance. She loves it!!!!!

One day before work I put some curls in my hair, so Em wanted curls. So we have matching curls :) 
Em trying on her winter gear!

Emily worked soooo hard to earn the swimsuit outfit for her bitty baby and the bride's dress for her American Girl doll. She earned them by sleeping in her own bed for SEVEN nights in a row. This is an amazing feat. It took her 2 months!!! Too bad it didn't stick. She is back in our bed as soon as we got home from Nashville!
Em was so excited for her Nashville gifts - she got a FL GA Line concert t-shirt and cowgirl boots!

Her first ever concert t-shirt! I'm sure the first of many!

This is the epitome of my evenings....Otis chewing on his bone while Em is on the yoga mat doing dance moves. Ha! Gotta love it.