Monday, April 30, 2012

Easter #2 and our first trip up north this year!!

We had Easter with Kory's side of the family on Easter Sunday. Emily and Zander had a good time playing together.

We made a yummy brisket for dinner and enjoyed having Bonnie & Tom, and Kacey, Tony & the boys over. Uncle Mark even stopped by for a visit - yes from Portland!! He just loves us that much :) Kidding - he was in town for work and we were so happy he joined us for Easter Sunday!

Em and Zpants coloring Easter eggs

Zander picking out the stickers he's going to put on his yellow egg

Emily picked out red for her first egg!!
 The Easter bunny came and hid plastic eggs all around the yard for the kiddos to find.

Em opening one of her eggs to see what was inside!

Aunt Kacey helping Zander find some eggs
 We had a very nice Easter and love hosting our 1 holiday of the year :) It's always fun and we look forward to having everyone over at our house for once!

I found this video on my camera of Emily singing us a song - whenever she sings this song (which is almost daily!!) we say "Is there a whoopa in there???" and she totally cracks up. I have no idea where the whoopa came from but it's a riot!
Ha! Hope that made you laugh a little. We love our little girl. She is ALWAYS singing us songs.

Just this past weekend, Emily and I made a long weekend trip up north. It was our very first trip since last fall and we had a wonderful time! We left on Thursday after work and got there just in time for bed. Em does great in the car now that she is a little bit older. Then on Friday, we ran some errands and hung out with my parents. Friday night we went out for a delicious fish fry! YUM!!! On Saturday we went to the library and Em made a lure and listened to some fishing stories. It was a great free activity that we found. She loved it! On Sunday we hung out and went into town for a little bit. Did some fishing and then after nap I took her into town for some West's ice cream - the best on the planet! Oh I forgot to mention on Saturday night my mom & dad got out old photo albums and we sat on the floor for hours going through old pics. I haven't laughed that hard in ages. Em thought Grammy's hair dos were hysterical and she was very concerned that Grammy dressed mommy as a boy all the time. Ahhh the joys of the late 70's/early 80's. Ha ha!!!

Em all ready to go fishing...burrr it was cold and we didn't catch a single thing!

Emme and Grammy going down the driveway to get the mail

That girl will color until she turns blue in the face

Grammy and Em at the library making her fishing lure

Ta da! Fishing lure complete - and yes it is a real lure with hooks and all. Kinda surprised that was an activity fit for preschoolers but Em did fantastic.
April seems to have gone by very quickly. I am very anxious for the warm weather and outside fun to get here. Hopefully soon!!!

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Basement Remodel, Harrogate Trip, Mikaiya's Birthday Party and Walker Family Easter....

We officially started remodeling our basement. My brother-in-law, Tony came over on a full day Sat and Sun to help Kory out. They two guys tore apart all the walls in our basement and then Tony built us a few new walls.

Living room area pre-remodel

Old doorway, pre-remodel

Wall that doesn't exist anymore, pre-remodel

To the left is our utility/laundry toom which remains unchanged, to the right is the old spare bedroom which is now smaller and lacking a wall right now :)

This is me standing in Kory's old office, looking into the living room towards the bedroom. All the walls are gone!!!!

This is me standing in the living room looking towards Kory's old office.
Kory is working on electrical soon and then comes plumbing (for our new bathroom! YAY!!!) and then drywall. I can't wait to have the new space. It's going to be awesome. I really really really wanted to say thanks to Tony for all his help. And thanks to Kacey for letting us borrow Tony for an entire weekend :)

I kept Em busy while the boys were working downstairs. She loves her root beer! Thankfully the weather was totally awesome and we played outside a lot.

Just last week I had to travel to Harrogate, England for work and stayed at the most beautiful hotel. I had to take some pictures.  It was at a 300 acre golf course resort...just amazing!

Here is my bedroom - the hotel was Redding Park

My bathroom had heated floor, heated towel rack, a awesome stand-up shower with a rain faucet and a super nice tub too.
This past Saturday we had Mikaiya's birthday party. Hard to believe she is already 6 years old. I remember the day Cori called and said "Are you ready to be an Auntie???". I was like NO WAY! Mikaiya was born 4 weeks early, but thankfully she was healthy as can be! Love you Mikaiya!!
Here is Mikaiya with one of her good friends Ellie at the bowling party

Braenna and Emily - apparently Braenna is in an "eye closing during pictures" phase.....

YES! Em loved bowling!!
This past Sunday we had Easter with my family at Casey & Mike's house. The girls had a fantastic time at the Easter egg hunt!!
Here is Em finding an egg!

Braenna looking for an egg!

Em and B running to find more eggs

Our pretty girl in her Easter dress....with skinny jeans :)

Mikaiya looking for eggs in the fence line

She stopped just long enough for me to snap a picture!

Emily found the lucky $1 egg hidden up above the door frame. Uncle Mike was pretty darn proud of that one :)

Mikaiya in her pretty dress

The three little girls. So cute!
Emily got sent home from school today with pink eye. So in our boredom, I painted her fingers and toes all different colors. She loved it!!

She wanted a silly picture