Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Did Kacey Really Turn 30???

She sure did!!! We had a SURPRISE weekend planned for her! I can't believe we actually pulled it off without her knowing. She knew we were going somewhere - but had no idea where. She was determined we were going to the Dells - until we got on the Beltline and headed south. Then she was sooo confused. She started out saying Platteville? Dubuque? The farm? ha ha We had her fooled!!!

We arrived in Galena at the Galena Cellars Winery for our first stop of the day.

Amy put together a box for her that explained her entire day. It was fun to watch her open it and she was so happy about what we had planned:

Here's Kacey showing off her "30" glass that Amy got for her:

Here is a picture of the girls tasting their wines - we got to pick 6 each:

Mother/Daughter - in their matching jean jackets :)

After the Winery - we went to Wild Clover Spa and enjoyed a treatment of our choice! It was fantastic and very relaxing.

Here is Liz, Alli and Julie getting their pedicures:

After the Winery and Spa - we went to Amy's grandparents house in the Territories - talk about amazing!!! It was so beautiful out in the woods and up on these giant hills. You could see for miles. We all sat around, relaxed and played some games. Then we all pitched in and made a yummy taco dinner.

Here's a picture out the windows of the home:

After dinner - we all decided to go out on the town!! Here's Amy, Kacey and Me all ready to go. Kacey has a "Birthday Bitch" tiarra on that everyone thought was a bachelorette! Too funny!! She'd be like "No - read it, I'm the Bitch" ha ha

Here we are before the girls got wild and crazy! Liz, Julie, Lila and Kacey:

Some guy somehow convinced Kacey and Amy to go sing - they were "trying" to sing 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun'...woah...there are a lot of words to that song!!!

Then the girls put their dancing shoes on!!!

Bonnie seemed to get all the attention from the men!!!

Love this pic of Lila and Kacey! You girls are a riot!!!

We had such a fun time. Thanks to everyone who came and who helped put the party on. We FINALLY surprised Kacey!!!! Thanks also to Amy and her grandparents for letting us stay in their georgous home - it was amazing!!!

It's been a busy few weeks around our house. It's started cooling off here too - so we're enjoying the fall weather.

Here are 2 recent pics of Miss Em:

Sunday, September 20, 2009

What's Emme up to now?

Well September has been a fun month so far. The weather has been georgous! I love this time of year in Wisconsin. Over labor day weekend, we went up to Hayward and spend a long weekend with my parents and Casey & Mike. It was fun. The boys got a lot of atv-ing in minus a few atv issues! ha ha I won't go into those :) The rest of us hung out, drank beer, shot guns...oops...did I say shot guns???

It was so much fun! The boys were teaching the girls how to shoot - for those of you concerned - Emme was napping and we were only shooting at a beer can and then a cardboard face that Mike made.

I am not so sure how to caption this picture, but I thought it was hysterical. It's a plastic flower holder...Emme decided it also made a nice hat :)

We also went on a boat ride for the last time of the season. Grammy even let Em drive! She loved it.

Since we got back from Hayward, we've just been busy around the house. Nothing too exciting. Emily is talking more and more. It's pretty amazing how every day she learns new words. We are working on saying 2 word sentences now. She hasn't quite got it down yet - other than "See Ya" - she says that all the time!!

Yesterday we went to Lake Geneva and met some friends at a park. It was really nice to see some of my High School friends and all their kiddos. It was a georgous day too! Emme had fun playing. When we got home yesterday, Em took a nap and then we were playing outside when she suddenly wasn't feeling well. She ended up throwing up out on the lawn. Poor little girl. In the middle of her puking session, the neighbors dog came over and ended up getting a shower of vomit!! Nasty! She threw up another 4 times last night - but woke up this morning seeming ok. She seems a little run down and more tired than usual, but other than that she seems fine. We've been taking it easy all day hoping she continues to feel well. One thing that was kind of funny out of all of this - was that she would take a drink of water out of a sippy cup and then about 15 - 20 min later she would throw up. So then she would make us go get her another cup. We went through about 5 cups last night. So this morning she woke up and was at it again....good thing we have a lot of sippys!!! She is too it's the cup that was making her sick!

Here is Emme at the park yesterday:

Here is Emme playing at the park with my friend Katie's son, Nolan. They are only 3 days apart in age:

Here are the two newest babies. Kyla is my friend Jen's daughter (the baby on the left), Morgan is my friend Allison's daughter (the baby on the right). Kyla is 5 months old and Morgan is 2 months old.

Here is Mason and Alina. Mason is Morgan's big brother and Alina is Kyla's big sister:

Here is the group hanging out. We had a blast! I hope we can do it again soon sometime.

Had to get a good belly shot of Katie. She is pregnant with twin girls!!! She's 23 weeks along. Can't wait to meet the two new little cuties! We brought her all of Em's baby clothes. Only 5 boxes of clothes -- and that's just up through 6 months!!

That's it so far. Been a good month. Looking forward to the next few weeks too. Gotta enjoy this weather before the snow comes!!!

Here is a video that I promised Auntie Kristen. It's Emme early one morning yelling for Otis. It's sooo cute!!!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

August 2009

I've posted a lot of pics this month already, but here's the entire link if you want to see them all:

Sorry there are a lot - but it's been a busy month! We've gotten to do a lot of really fun things this month. I am looking forward to things slowing down here sometime soon!!! We had Emily into the Dr last week because her eye swelled up again like it did in July. We're still not sure what is causing it. The Dr thought it might be a stye, but I think it was too far from her eyelid to be one. So who knows. We just used benadryl and it cleared up in about 4 days. It's frustrating to not know what is causing it. Hopefully we will figure it out soon!!

Em is 20 months old now!! She is still a little peanut though. She is growing, but slowly! I think she's about 23lbs now and she's wearing 18 month clothes still. Seems like she's been in them forever. She also has the smallest feet ever, she is barely in size 5. Some of her 5's fit and some are too big. Crazy!!!

She is talking up a storm!!! I bet she has 25 - 50 words now. She is doing so well with her words. We are working on counting 1 - 2 - 3. She says "2 - 2 - 2". ha ha Guess we'll be ready when December rolls around to ask her how old she is!!! Speaking of being almost 2 - she has quite the temper tantrums in her. Hard to believe such a sweet little angel can turn into such an evil child!!! She likes to get her way and if she doesn't she clearly lets you know about it. We have started timeouts at home and they seem to work. Ignoring her also works :) It's the public tantrums that aren't quite as easy to manage!!

I just signed her up for music class again at Prairie Music Academy. We did two sessions last winter & spring and she just loved it. Every night she asks me to sing to her...I am awful, but she loves it. So I wanted to get her back into music. Maybe she'll take after her daddy and be a music genius!!!! We start mid-september on every Tuesday night for 10 weeks. Yay!

Last weekend Kory had the truck home, so we got some cute pics of Emme playing around in it: