Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mother's Day 2012

A friend of mine did an album with the photos from each Mother's Day year and I thought it was a neat here are mine:
1st Mother's Day 2008

2nd Mother's Day 2009

3rd Mother's Day 2010

4th Mother's Day 2011

5th Mother's Day 2012
 We celebrated this year by going to brunch at Buckhorn in Edgerton with Bonnie & Tom, Kacey, Tony, Zander & Maddox, and us. We had a great time. Afterwards, we went back to Kory's mom's house and hung out for a few hours. It was a gorgeous day. Here are some photos....

Kacey, Bonnie and me - of course Kacey is the #1 child since she spent Mother's day with her mommy :)

Emme and her G at brunch

Emily took little Maddox for a ride in the wagon...he loved it!

Here is a video of the wagon ride:

Two of my favorite people - Zander and Emily -- soooo cute!

And the little big man...Mr. Maddox! Love that smile.

Em and Z even got to swim in the hot tub.
It's hard to believe I have already had 5 mother's days. I have the best job in the world - being a mommy to my sweet Emily. I can't imagine anything more important. She makes me proud each and every day. Being a mom is the best! Thank you to my mom and to Bonnie (Kory's mom) for being such great role-models. You both continue to amaze me and teach me how to be a better mom. I am so thankful to have you in my life!

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Indiana Trip - May 2012

This past weekend we went down to Indiana for a Marion Family reunion. For those of you that don't know, both of Kory's grandparents and a  lot of his extended family live down in Indiana as that is where his parents are both from. So we took Friday off and drove down in the morning. We spend Friday with his mom's parents and had the reunion with his dad's side of the family on Saturday.

We didn't take a ton of pics, but ended up getting a few good ones!!

Love this picture of Gramps with Briar (Kory's cousin's daughter) and Emily

Grandma, Gramps, Em, Briar and Kim

We were attempting to get a nice pic of the 4 of us but Briar wasn't having it!!!

Playing Uno, of course. Em did great keeping up with the adults. She loved it!!
 The reunion on Saturday was a lot of fun. The weather was HOT, but it was fun! It was at an elementary school so Emily and I played outside a lot while Daddy socialized inside with all his family. It was nice to just hang out for the day. Then afterwards, we went to his Grandma Marion's farm for some fun!
Em swinging at the family reunion

Here she is riding her was so funny because when we got it out of the truck she suddenly had a swarm of little kids around her and she was kinda freaking out! LOL! Apparently they all wish they had their bikes there too!!

Talking tractors....

Emme and Daddy all ready for a tractor ride

Can you hear the tractor sound she is making???

Kory's dad showing him how to drive the tractor before his ride with Miss Em

One of my absolute favorite pics ever!!! Kory's dad, Em and Kory! LOVE!!!!

This was in a massive combine - Kory didn't get to drive it - he's just pretending :)
Here is a video of Kory driving Emily in the tractor:

Here is a video of Em riding on Grandpa's electric wheelchair: