Sunday, January 09, 2011

Emily 3 year Checkup

We had Emily's 3 year check up on Jan 3rd. The Dr was very happy with her progress and she seems to be meeting all her milestones with flying colors. She was 36.5" which is the 30th percentile and she was 27lbs 6oz which is the 16th percentile. She somehow grew 4 inches this year and gained all of 2 lbs. She is small for her age, but the Dr is not concerned. He said she's growing fine and to continue making sure she eats fruits, veggies and meat.

Sometimes, I think back to being pregnant...
Me - 9 months pregnant
...and I think about how difficult my pregnancy was due to a lot of things going on in my life at that time. Yet, deep down, I knew I would be ok. I knew we would be ok. I knew that having a baby was going to make our lives better.

Sometimes, I think back to the day you were born....
Emily Kaslyn Marion - 12/26/07
...and I remember that special day with a big smile on my face. I was surrounded by a lot of love that day and you were brought into this world with so much happiness....and nervousness all at the same time. I love sharing your birth story with other soon-to-be mom's.

Sometimes, I think back to your 1st birthday...
1st birthday party at our house
...and I remember how quickly the first year went by. I remember learning how to be a good mother. I remember the difficult decision daddy and I had debating on whether to get you a helmet or not (we did, good decision!). I remember waiting for you to start walking and talking.

Sometimes, I think back to your 2nd birthday...
2nd birthday party at Rossario's for spaghetti on the board
...and I remember thinking you were growing up too fast. A lot was accomplished that year including walking and talking. You really started to develop a personality and show how your temper comes from Daddy but your independence and stubborness comes from Mommy. We were learning how to discipline our sweet little girl.

And we are at your 3rd birthday...
3rd Birthday party at Bouncy Town USA
...I think a lot about how different my life is now. How your priorities naturally change and being a mother is now the most important thing in the world. You think about the things you've given up to become a mother, and realize, none of that really mattered anyways.

Emily, We are so proud of the little girl you have become. You are smart, funny, caring, appreciative...all the things we hoped for in a daughter. You can be a little spit-fire, but we like to think that will be a positive trait as you grow into a young woman. You have so many people in your life who love you and who will be there for you, no matter what. We can't wait to see what the next year holds for all of us.

Happy 3rd Birthday Miss Em!!!

Wednesday, January 05, 2011


We took Em to see Barney for her 3rd birthday present from mommy & daddy. We didn't tell her until the day before because we knew it would be difficult to explain. Try telling a 3 year old that you're going to see a concert..huh? what's a concert? in person? huh? Sitting next to me? up on stage in front of you? oh....Barney sit next to me? Um no. So yeah...that conversation was interesting. Pretty sure she had no idea what to expect...but she loved it!!!

Here we were getting ready for the show to start!

Do you think she liked it???

Doing one of the "dance moves"

Pretty sure this one was the itsy bitsy spider

Dancing in the aisle

While we were in the Dells we stayed at the Polynesian hotel and waterpark. She loved the quiet and small atmosphere. It was perfect for our little buggy!

We even got a video of Emily dancing during Barney. It starts out a little slow and dark, but keep watching. OMG! You will be laughing hysterically by the end. I have no idea where she got these dance moves from......

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Christmas Day 2010

Christmas Day was really special this year because we got to stay home in our jammies all day :) We had Tom and Bonnie (Kory's mom and stepdad) over for a delicious prime rib meal. I am not a big prime rib fan, but Kory, Bonnie and Tom all said it was one of the best one's they've ever had. Yay!! Anyways, Christmas day was super fun and I am glad we got to relax and spend it with Bonnie & Tom!!!

We woke up Christmas morning to the "TV being covered up" as Em put it :)

First she took the sheet of her baby station. It has a basinett, sink and high chair for her dollies.

Then it was Daddy's turn..he opened his refractometer...huh? Yeah...that's what I said! He was obviously excited though.

Next was on to the doll house. It was a riot because she uncovered the sheet and stood infront of it for a few seconds and then said "Where are all the kids?". LOL! So then she had to find the package with the people in it!

Here's Emme and Daddy arranging the furniture. Santa did good on the doll house!

Here's Emmers emptying her stocking. She had fun going through all the little things Santa got her. Hello Kitty was big this year!

Our cat Bea also enjoyed the doll house. You should have seen Em's face when she saw Bea in the house...that didn't last long!!! Emily is not exactly an animal lover!
 Later in the morning, Bonnie and Tom came by.

Emily helping G open a present from her.

Em and G looking at her special book together. Emily did a photo book of 2010 photos of herself :)

This was one of her favorite gifts. She kept calling it a "ten-o" and I said, "No Emily, it's a tent". It took me about 3 days to figure out she was saying "tunnel". So yes...she's right. It's a tent with a tunnel attached! Whoops mommy!!

So happy with her new doll from G. Just don't call it a baby doll. It's a "little gurl" doll. She walks around asking here here "little gurl" is...LOL!

Snug as a bug, in a rug....errr...tent.
We hope everyone had as nice of a holiday as we did. This year was extra special that my sister and her family were here. Emily loves having cousins close by to play with. It was also extra special to see the smile and surprise on Em's face with all the presents. She was very thankful and had a great time opening her presents.
Hugs to all!!!

Christmas Eve 2010

We had a wonderful holiday season this year. I have lots of blogs to do, so I won't write too much - check out the pics from Christmas Eve 2010.

We stopped over at Kory's mom and stepdad's house to give little Zander his xmas present. Snapped this cute pic of Emme and Zpants.
 We spent Christmas Eve evening at Cori & Jeff's new house. They hosted a wonderful holiday with my entire family and our good family friends - Mary & Ray.
There was quite the array of new Wisconsin attire considering the Stampf's relocation to WI and my parents moving to WI too!!

Here's Em showing Grammy the book we made for her of Em's pics from 2010.

Love this pic of Casey & Mike

This was Casey and Mike fighting over who had the better it WI (mike's shirt) or IA (casey's shirt)...looks to me like Iowa won out in this photo!!!

We got this cute sweatshirt for Braenna. She loves Elmo! She immediately had her mommy put it over her adorable Christmas dress!

Here is Em using her new hair salon kit to fix Grammy's hair. Also Mikaiya, Mary and Ray looking on as someone is opening another present!

Here's Em very excited to open the Dora doll that CeCe and Mike got her!!!

Look at that death stare---"Do NOT touch my Dora doll, Braenna". LOL!

Here's the 3 girls with the puppets that Mary and Ray got them.

More WI attire!!!

Here's Ray (a nurse) showing Emily how the knee hammer works out of her Dr's kit. Thanks Ray! Now she walks around banging it on my knee!!!

Braenna loves her Papa!!!!

Here's the girls sprinkling the reindeer food :)

Oh wait...Dad got a WI shirt too :)
Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas everyone.