Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Family Pictures 2013 - LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!

Once again, Krista at Vintage Pear Photography did a fantastic job on our family photos. Couldn't have asked for better shots that really capture the personality of Miss Em and the love of our family. Our family may be small but we sure are cute! LOL!

Link to photos on Walmart.com: Photo Link

Here are some of our favorites--

This is soooo Emily! Krista asked her to do a certain pose and this was the look she got. Classic! So glad she got it on film. LOL!

Monday, December 09, 2013

Emily's 6th Birthday Celebration Weekend

We had Emily's big birthday celebration this weekend!!!

Here she is very carefully picking out each party favor for each party guest

All done!
 We had Audrey overnight on Saturday night. We hadn't babysat her in a while and she is such a joy! An easy kiddo to watch and Emily is such a big help!

Here she is feeding her some food - which BTW, Audrey is perfectly capable of eating off her tray herself!

Cute tongue smile!

We found all sorts of toys that were "baby proof"

Em begged if she could take a bath with Audrey. 

Em eating her bedtime snack. Both Audrey and Otis were hoping for her leftovers!

Snuggling with little A just before night night time

This was Sunday morning. As you can see - Audrey is very cranky in the morning - NOT!

So so so cute! Em reading to Audrey
 After Casey picked Audrey up we got all ready for the BIG celebration! First stop was the party store for her balloons. I have quite a small car and didn't really think about how I was going to fit all those balloons in my car + Emily! Ha!

How many people does it take to untangle balloons? Approximately 3 adults at least 15 minutes. THANK YOU GUYS!!!!!

All ready for the Par-TAY!

Her party favors she was so excited to hand out

Em and her cousin Mikaiya

Megan & Kaitlin

Emily is a wee bit excited :)

Playing in the Jr gym

Keira, Mikaiya and Braenna bouncing around

Audrey not too sure of all the big kids running around

Some of the parents hanging out. It was so nice to have it be all friends and family. Everyone was such a huge help and both Kory & I really appreciated it!

Nan Congdon made our cupcakes. She does such a great job!!!! Thanks Nan!

Singing Happy Birthday to the Birthday Girl!!!!

After the Jr Gym, pizza & cupcakes we got everyone ready to go SWIMMING!!!!!

Em doing a handstand!

We had such a great time with all our friends and family. Thank you all for coming and making this such a great birthday for Miss Em. The weather was really snowy and cold so we appreciate everyone making the trek to see us. Can't believe our baby is turning SIX in just a few weeks!!!