Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Kalahari Trip!!

Cori and Jeff were smart enough to buy a special at the Kalahari that included a 2 bedroom suite room and 6 waterpark bracelets + 6 indoor theme park bracelets!!! Luckily there is only 4 of them :) So they invited me and Em to join them. We didn't know about it until the week of - so it was a super fun spontaneous surprise. We had a blast!!!!

Our 3 beautiful girls

Braenna getting strapped in for climbing

Emily's turn

Our little climbers!

Mikaiya waiting her turn to climb on the big girl area!!

Hurry up and take the pic Mom!!!

Uncle Jeff took Em and B down that slide a bunch of times. They loved it!

Mikaiya and Em loved the outdoor hot tub. It was perfect weather for it!

Playing the stinky feet game. LOL!

On the ferris wheel with my buggie butt

Like my teeth???
Thank you Cori & Jeff for inviting us! We had a blast and hope we can join you again next year :)

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