Monday, December 09, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving 2013

We had a great time at Thanksgiving with both of our families. We were so blessed to be able to spend time with so much of our family this year. For Kory's family, it was the first Thanksgiving without Grandpa here so it was sad at times, but we all kept saying that Grandpa wouldn't want us to be sad so then someone would say something funny and cheer everyone up.  

Daddy fell asleep and Emily used his belly as a rainbow loom table. It was hysterical. He never even woke up!

Kacey looooves Tony with a 'stache!

Emily and Maddox took a bath!!

Papa Tom has taught Emily to rub his feet (EWE!!) and he pays her $1. She loves doing it and earning the cold hard cash!

AJ in Em's cowgirl hat :)

It was also Kacey & Tony's 10th wedding anniversary so Kacey decided to try on her wedding dress. Of course it fit absolutely perfect and she looked gorgeous. 

We were so so so happy to have Great Grandma with us. She was sad missing grandpa but hopefully all the chaos of the kids helped to make her Thanksgiving somewhat happy

Me and Kacey! 

Em snapped this pic on our camera. We took lots of pics with Grandma and I think someone else has the "real" ones.

Ty Ty!!!

Mommy and Emme making silly faces

Love love love this pic of Em and Kalli
 Bonnie stayed home with all the kiddos and us adults went out. Uncle Si (aka Tom) offered to be our designated driver. We had the best time ever...and we were home by 11pm so that makes it even better :)

Kurt and Gret being goofy!

Me and Tom

ummmm not sure what to say to this one - Kurt is really strange!

Ha! Tony and Kurt - these two are a riot together

Kalli,Kacey & Gret

All us girls with Uncle Si

Bonnie & Tom
We celebrated Thanksgiving with my family on Saturday. Casey and Mike hosted at their house. It was a great time and we love watching all the girls together.

Ha! I love this pic. Apparently we were boring!!

The 3 older girls
Braenna and Audrey being goofy

All the grand girls!

Aunt Cori reading with Audrey and Braenna

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