Monday, December 09, 2013

Getting ready for Christmas and Em's dance recital

Emily went to visit Santa this week at the mall! She told him what she wanted and had a good time. She's always such a good girl with Santa!

We also decorated our house for Christmas the other weekend. Emily was such a big help. Kory and I carried the tree up stairs and set it up and she literally put every ornament on herself and we didn't have to help at all. She did a beautiful job!

Emily and Daddy putting the angel on the tree top

The nativity scene that we always let Emily keep in her room. She set it up all by herself!

Emily also had her 1st ever hip hop dance recital. She was super nervous so we didn't invite anyone else. It was just mommy & daddy watching her (along with the loads of other parents and family members!). She did fantastic!!!

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