Monday, July 30, 2012

Dane County Fair 2012

We made our yearly trip to the Dane County Fair this past weekend. We invited along Em's best friend from school, Keira. They are soooo cute together! Two peas in a pod for sure.

Em trying to boss Keira around - notice the cute hand holding?

The Bear ride

Never seen a ride like this so Mommy was a little nervous but they did great!

That's them in the blue one to the right!

This one like gave them whiplash. They laughed hysterically the entire time!

Chocolate ice cream goatees
We had so much fun and were glad Keira, her mom Jenny and little brother Will were able to join us. The girls went on probably 10 rides. They just had a fabulous day!!!

Random fun pics

I found a bunch of pics on my camera that I wanted to share but they don't really have any "theme" in common :) Here it goes....

Love this one of Emily!!!! Yes, I let her wear the dress she wore to CeCe's wedding anytime she wants.

I walked in on Em sleeping like this one morning. Can you find the child in the bed???

Playing a Wii game in her tutu - don't we all?

Helping Daddy fill his oil filter

Riding the car at Johnson Creek Outlet Mall

Hanging out at Altered Five during Atwood Fest

Our friend's band - Scott Schroedl is the drummer

Our New Toy

We've been eyeing up a trampoline for a while now. Uncle Jeff emailed us that it was the Sears Sale of the Day! So Kory went ahead and bought us one. Emily LOVES does the neighbor kids :)

Emily helping daddy set it up

Notice Daddy working hard while Em and Otis are just lounging
Daddy explaining the rules to Miss Em - you will NOT jump unless this is zipped up!

Her first time in there - she didn't know what to expect

Now she loves it!!!!

Aunt Kacey jumping with Em and Zander
So glad we got the trampoline. We have already gotten a lot of use out of it.

Hayward 4th of July

Kory mentioned tonight that I am WAY behind on blogging :) So here I go!
For the 4th of July - Emily and I went up north for 5 days. Daddy couldn't come because he had to work but we managed to have fun anyways.

I did a terrible job of taking pics while we were there. The only pics I took was the day we went to the 4th of July party over at Nelson's Landing on my parent's lake. The kids loved every minute of it! Ok...maybe not every minute. Braenna had to pee so bad and refused...I mean absolutely refused to use a porta potty :) Poor kid!!! Luckily the outside bartender let us go inside the bar so she could pee before she exploded.

Braenna & Mikaiya appropriately dressed for 4th of July - Emily just wearing pink :)

Me and Emmers

It was reallllly windy that day! Mom and Em.

Mikaiya and Em at the start of the kid's games - this was see how far you can kick your shoe. Considering they both were wearing flip flops - they did NOT win!

I think this one they were trying to figure out how to get the little kids to blow gum...yeah not really sure how they expected 4,5 and 6 year olds to do that!

This was throwing darts at water balloons - like real bar the metal ones!!!!!! Dangerous!

Braenna got one!

Emily picked a swim ring as her prize

Braenna picked some bears

Here is Mikaiya hitting the balloons

The girls and all the prizes they won - no wonder they loved the party!

Oh, guess I did take 1 other photo - this was downtown Hayward. Silly girls!