Friday, November 04, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and as Emily gets older it becomes more and more fun! Lots of pictures in the last week. I tried to pick some of my favorites.

Em got a special gift from her G (kory's mom) for Halloween which included a new shirt, pants and a princess memory game! She loved it all.

For the last 3 years Kory and I have gone to a Halloween party at the Mounds Country Club in Fort Atkinson. Our friend Matt is the General Manager there and he throws the best Halloween and New Years parties. Unfortunately, this year, the party ended up being on Friday night instead of Saturday night so Kory couldn't join us. But I was still able to go!!!

Cori and Jeff in their pirate costumes - so cute!!

Me (cowgirl), Brenda (gnome), Cori (pirate), and Tiffany (cowgirl), aren't you so proud????

Matt and Brenda - and she made these costumes!!! Amazing! I love seeing what they're going to come up with each year.

The flintsones

Tiffy and me - we had no idea each other were dressing up as cowgirls. Pretty funny!

Ellie and Tim as sock monkeys. They always have very creative costumes too!!

Ryan and Nan - so glad they came out for the party even if it was their wedding anniversary too :)
 Emily picked out her own costume this year and decided she wanted to be Arial from The Little Mermaid. Funny thing is that she's never seen the movie. So she has no idea what it's all about. Maybe Santa will bring her the movie :)

Here she is all ready to go the party at the PAC
 We have a membership at our athletic club in town and every year they throw the kids a halloween party. It's a small party, but the kids love it.

Mikaiya (angel), Emily (little mermaid), Braenna (strawberry shortcake) making their ghost pops at the PAC party

Love this pic of Emmers. She looks sooo grown up! She's making her bracelet out of fruit loops

Pin the nose on the pumpkin :)

 Daddy had to work for trick-or-treating this year, so I took Emily over to my sister's in Sun Prairie and we went trick or treating with her 2 girls and a group from their neighborhood.

Here is Em all ready to go trick or treating!! She was soooo excited!

Emily's best friend from school lives near my sister so we met up with Keira for tric-or-treating. It was so fun to watch Em interact with her. They held hands and were just so darn cute the whole time.

Here's the 4 girls (Emily, Keira, Mikaiya and Braenna) at the first house

.....and they're off!!! Seriously they literally ran from house to house for over an hour. I couldn't believe how well they did!!
We had so much fun trick-or-treating and can't wait until next year!!!

Hope everyone else had a very Happy Halloween too!!!