Monday, July 27, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy...

I can not believe it's the end of July already. Emily is now 19 months old. She is such a good little girl. She has a little attitude if she doesn't get what she wants, but don't all women?
She is saying a lot of words - some that we understand, but most that we don't. I think we can understand about 15 - 20 words, which I think is good for her age. She is not saying any 2 word sentences yet (unless "Mom Nah" counts!!).

We've had a busy month of July starting off with going to Hayward with my family for our annual trip. Kory and I had our birthdays - didn't do too much, just went to Buckhorn with his family.

We went to the Dane County Fair a few weeks ago. I got up early one Sunday morning and took Emily myself. We got there about 9am and am pretty sure we were the only ones there...the roosters were still cock-a-doodle-do-ing.... :) We had soooo much fun walking around and seeing all the animals. Emily loved the baby goats running around and even got to pet a cow. She's a brave little girl. About 10:30 Daddy called to see how it was going and I convinced him to come down. We had such a nice family day. Ended up eating way too much fair food, but had a great time.

Here is Emily telling me very clearly that she needs her "Nah" - a.k.a. pacifire. The hand pointing goes along with yelling the word Nah quite loudly. We are working right now on getting rid of the Nah. We are on night #2. It's going okay. Yesterday went a lot smoother than tonight. Tonight was rough...but she is asleep. Yay.

Here is Emily with her princess crown and sparkly shawl...actually it's a flashing party girl tiarra and some red garland!! But she has good imagination :)

We had a good friend's wedding last weekend. It was in downtown Madison and was absolutely georgous. We do have kind of a funny story behind this though...Kacey is looking at this picture wondering why I am wearing my fabulous dress we bought shopping on Saturday - but Kory...hmmmm...he's not wearing the cute shirt we picked out for him. Ok - so I bought him a dress shirt in size Medium...I thought it would fit...well....we got down to the hotel and were getting dressed when Kory puts the shirt on and was doesn't fit. I'm like WHAT??? Oh no. So was 3:30, we had to be at the church by 4--so we went running down state street trying to find a men's shop. Somehow we ended up Lands that's the shirt we came up with...hey - it worked!!! It's funny now, but at the time it was not so funny. He was not very happy with me buying him a Medium.

Here's a pic of Beth, Sarah (the bride) and me. We had such a nice time!!
And Beth and I had matching colors on that day!! Good choice Beth!

Not too much else exciting going on. Been playing with Zander as much as possible, trying to see him at least once a week. Hard to believe my little nephew is over a month old already. He's as cute as ever and did very good shopping on Saturday! He's going to be such a good little boy.
This weekend we are heading up to the Trab, so I will hopefully have some pictures to post next week.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Toy

Kory bought me a new ATV yesterday - he found it on Craigslist in Milwaukee. I love it!!!

It's pretty blue. I don't know much about the specs, but it's a 500 Polaris Sportsman. It has lots of extras though and I can't wait to ride it this weekend on the trails!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

18 Month Photos

We got Emily's pictures taken on Saturday, June 26th for her 18 month photos. They were taken by Krista at She does a great job and has taken all of Emme's professional photos. She is HIGHLY recommended from the Marion's.

Emme wasn't feeling all that well, but Krista managed to capture her personality - like always! You can see Emme's swollen hand in a few of the photos. We took her to urgent care right after the photo session - priorities, right? ha ha Krista had to do a little photoshop work on Em's eye which was also starting to swell and the lovely scars on her nose from her date with the concrete. Thanks Krista!

Here is the full link to the photos-you can order them right from here:

Here are a few of my favorites:

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Our Trip to Hayward 2009

As most of you know, we go to Hayward every year with the whole family. This year was the first year with all 3 grandkids. Mikaiya is 3, Emily is 18 months and Braenna is as you can imagine it was quite the experience!!! The first half of the trip involved cold and rainy weather - so it got a little chaotic. Eventually we would take the kids outside into the garage and just bundle them up. Let them burn off some energy.

Then that would get chaotic. So we'd haul them all back inside!! ha ha

Grammy was in charge of bath's each night...better her than us!!!! It was a nice break to not have to do baths and it was so fun to watch her keep each child happy! ha ha

Finally after a few days the sun came out, so the little ones got on their bathing suits and went down to the lake!!!

Throughout the week we tried...very hard to get a nice picture of all 3 girls. It never's the best we got:

Here is Uncle Mike showing Emme how to drink a REAL beer:

My little angel...all grown up!!!!

We all had a great time...just hoping next year is a little more relaxing and a little less chasing munchkins around!!!!!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

What do an 18 Month Photo Shoot & A Visit to Urgent Care have in Common?


The day before we left for vacation we had Emme's 18 month photo shoot with Krista at (PLUG PLUG PLUG!!! She's the best!) if you want a sneak peek of Emily's photos - go to Krista's blog at

She did such a fabulous job - as always. We should get the full CD by the weekend and I will upload them for everyone to see.

Now-you're probably wondering where urgent care comes in, right? Well earlier in the week Emme got a bug bite on her hand at daycare. Her hand was swollen and red, but the Dr didn't think too much of it at her 18 month check-up. She woke up Saturday morning with her hand about 3x the normal size and it was really warm to the touch. She also had a small red spot under her eye. We had her pictures at 9am, so took her to those. As Krista was taking pictures we were watching the red spot on her eye grow...seriously - within an hour it had gotten much bigger. I was like OK...Time for URGENT CARE!!!

At urgent care, they weren't worried about her eye - but thought that her hand was infected, so they gave us amoxicillin. She started on the antibiotic on Sat night while I went to my friend's bachelorette party. During the evening, I get a text from Kory that has a picture and says "Hi Mommy"

Yep...that was my baby girl about 1o hours after starting the antibiotics. I freaked!!! We decided at that point to put her on benadryl even though the Dr said not to. By morning it was a little less swollen and I got to finally see my baby. I was soooo worried!

We left for Hayward on Sunday and by Monday both her eye and her hand were much better. We still don't know what caused it. It seems to be some sort of allergy to bug bites. So we are watching her very closely to see if we can pinpoint the issue. Not fun!