Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Toy

Kory bought me a new ATV yesterday - he found it on Craigslist in Milwaukee. I love it!!!

It's pretty blue. I don't know much about the specs, but it's a 500 Polaris Sportsman. It has lots of extras though and I can't wait to ride it this weekend on the trails!!


kristen said...

AWESOME!! Looks great! :-) Have fun on it...hopefully you will be able to get on it this weekend! He did good! take care

Anonymous said...

Wow! Don't know much about ATVs, but it looks like a really neat one. As always, be careful.
Love Ya, Carol

Kate said...

Looks like Em is ready to ride with you! Have fun this weekend.

Teresa and Kory said...

Thanks guys! We are heading out today to go riding!