Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Breunig Wedding - July 9th, 2011

This past weekend was Casey & Mike's wedding. We had such a fabulous time! It was great to see two people so in love with each other tying the knot. We love you guys!!!

Our little family

Kory was an usher and I was a bridesmaid

My little Emily all dressed up! Loved her dress and shoes. She looked sooo cute!!

Rehearsal dinner was at Rossario's where we got to eat spaghetti on a board. They literally throw the spaghetti on the table and we all just eat off the plates! It's delicious and we had a wonderful time!

Christine came up to do our hair. She has done my hair, Cori's hair and Casey's hair for all our weddings. Thank you Christine for always being there for us and for doing such a fantastic job!! 

I just love this picture! We were all ready to go to the church to get Casey dressed. Mikaiya made such a beautiful flower girl!

This was at the church and mom was putting Casey's georgous veil on

Awe...the three cousins. Mikaiya, Braenna and Emily...with Papa in the background :)

Here's B and Emme giving snuggles

Dad and Casey just before walking down the aisle

My mom and 2 sisters - I love you ladies more than life itself.

This was at the reception. Since all 4 of us parents were at the head table - Grammy & Papa got the luxury of sitting at dinner with with the 3 little grandkids. Here is Papa hoisting Em on his shoulders so she could see the cake cutting

I just love this picture! Cece and Mike were getting some pictures taken by the photographer out by the lake. Em and I just happened to walk outside and Em made a bee-line for them. This picture is of Emily giving Mike a noonie (rubbing of noses).

Kacey and Tony came out as well!

The bride and groom having their first dance together

Here's Casey talking to Kacey's baby in her belly. Love this one! I can't wait for my new niece or nephew to arrive in January.

This picture was at the end of the night. Kory obviously felt it important that I eat this piece of pizza. I guess I maybe had a little too much to drink. Doesn't he look like he's talking to a 3 year old? We were both laughing at this one.
Thank you Casey & Mike for a fantastic day and night. We had so much fun!!! Love all the memories.
Here is a link to all the pictures we took from rehearsal through the wedding/reception:

Monday, July 11, 2011

Hayward June 2011

We had our Hayward trip early this year because of Casey & Mike's wedding on July 9th. We really missed having them there this year - but understood that wedding details needed to be finalized. So we went ahead with our yearly trip and had a good time. I can't remember the last time we had such fabulous weather!!!

We were there in time for the Musky Festival - here is Emme on one of the carnival rides

My friend Andrea and her son Tyler came up to visit one day and here the 4 of us are going down a HUGE slide. Emme thought it was awesome!!!

Lots of sand box time!!!

Here's my niece Braenna all ready to go fishing!

We fished a ton! The little girls each have their own pole. Mikaiya really got into it this year and wanted to fish constantly!!

One of my favorite pics of Miss Em looking at the beautiful Nelson Lake

This was hysterical! Em's first time catching a fish. She goes "Mommy!!! I don't wanna catch a fish!!!". I died laughing. She was screaming for me to take the pole. HA HA

Grandpa was a big help with fishing. Here Mikaiya is touching one of the many fish she caught.

We also celebrated Grammy and Braenna's birthdays while we were up there.

Here we are going for a boat ride. Me with Emmers and Mikaiya.

Here's Emily giving Braenna a kiss. Such a sweetie pie!

My niece Braenna. I love this picture of her!

The eagle was so close on the bog. Had to get a picture of it. It's amazing how many eagles you see up there.

The 3 little ladies all ready for a bonfire

My Em eating a smores

The girls got in a LOT of swim time. So glad we brought the pool. We did do some lake swimming but swam in the pool a lot more often.

Kory and I took Em to the park. She loves it there.
We had a great trip even if Em was throwing tantrum after tantrum. Thanks to my mom & dad for having us up north. We always have a great time and really appreciate you letting us stay. Thanks also for all the help with Em. Love you both!