Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween - 2009

We've had a great Halloween! It was much more fun this year having Emily old enough to dress up and say trick or treat :)

Here she is - our little Rockstar!

She's checking out her own outfit! Check out those boots!!

Here we are at the neighbors.

Yum...chocolate from Barb!

Love this pic of Auntie Cece, Emme and Grammy. Such a cutie pie!

We went to Prairie Athletic Club in Sun Prairie for games and fun!
Here is Em picking a pumpkin so she can win a prize.
Here's Grammy helping Em draw the face on her ghost sucker.
It's pin the nose on pumpkin!!
All of us! Had a blast!!
We ran into Chris, our daycare provider - and here is Emme with Caed.
Will post another blog with Mommy and Daddy's costumes and fun party at the Mounds!
Happy Halloween Everyone!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

October 2009

It's been a busy month so far and we still have over a week to go! Thought I'd post as we've been busy the last week or two.

Here is Emily painting her first pumpkin. She did an awesome job! It's sitting out on the front porch now.

Here she is all ready to go play outside. What a cutie pie!

This is my new favorite picture. She is such an angel.

This is the best one we could get of her newly pierced ears...yep....I got her ears pierced. LOVE THEM! She calls them her "prettys". She has square (fake) diamonds - they are georgous!

Here is Emily in her jammies with her new princess sparkly you think we have a girly girl on our hands or what? I literally had to take those shoes and hide them so she would go to bed that night!!!
Here's Emily today in her cute overalls. She was wearing her headband like that all day. What a silly girl! (note the sparkly pink shoes again! ha ha)
It's hard to believe Emily will be 22 months in just a few days. She is learning and growing each and every day. She is still a little peanut, but is as fiesty as ever! She has her dad's lack of patience and her mom's stubborness - so she's quite the combination of the two of us! She talks non-stop. You can now understand a lot more of her words. She always has a lot to say - gee - I wonder where she gets that from :) She also LOVES being the center of attention and is always up for putting on a show for everyone - gee - I wonder where she gets that from - AUNT KACEY!!! :)
We are looking forward to dressing her up for Halloween this year, so we'll be sure to post pictures of our little rock star!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Our Sweet Little Angel...

Has turned into a terror!!! :)
If you don't speak "Emily"...I will translate for you... "BOUNCE BOUNCE BOUNCE BOUNCE"!!!!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

We went to Schusters in Deerfield today and had a great time. It was absolutely freezing, so we only lasted about 2 hours, but still had a great time.

Here's Emme and Daddy all bundled up:
(if you look really close in this one you can see Emily has one blue sock and one pink sock - no, I'm not color blind - I just have learned to pick my battles and sock color is not one of them! The joy of raising a very stubborn little girl!)

Here Em is picking out her pumpkin:

Here is Auntie CeCe and Uncle Mike:

Here's Mike trying to get Em to feed the goats...she didn't want to get very close:

Mommy and Emme...BURR!!!

My friend Megan came with her daughter Maddy and here's Kory, Em and Maddie riding the "tractor":

Had to post this picture from yesterday of Em. I was busy cleaning the house and decide to let her "help". First I let her clean the floor length mirror and sliding door with windex. She brought her little stool over and did such a good job. Then I was mopping and she wanted to help, so I gave her my dry swiffer and she literally swiffered the floor for an hour. It was hysterical. I am hoping she has Grandma Bonnie's cleaning genes!!! I HATE cleaning!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Walk for Hope

On Sunday, we walked in the Walk for Hope to find a cure for Breast Cancer. It was an emotional day as one of my mom's clients died on Monday after a 12 year battle with breast cancer. My mom was there for the 12 years of fighting, of shaving her head, and giving her hugs when she needed them the most. What an amazing fighter she was.

Here are some pics from our walk. It was a little chilly down in Chicago (it was actually in Glenview, IL), but we bundled up and had a great walk.

Mom and Emme:

Here is Emme in her shirt that Grammy got her - it says "Find a Cure Before I Grow Boobs", she got so many compliments on it. What a cutie pie!

Here is the whole group. It was Christine & Katie on the far left, then my mom, Me & Emme, Mary Hornish, Casey and Lori.

Thanks to all who donated. My mom's shop Lasting Impression raised $600 towards the cause! Nice job ladies!!