Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween - 2009

We've had a great Halloween! It was much more fun this year having Emily old enough to dress up and say trick or treat :)

Here she is - our little Rockstar!

She's checking out her own outfit! Check out those boots!!

Here we are at the neighbors.

Yum...chocolate from Barb!

Love this pic of Auntie Cece, Emme and Grammy. Such a cutie pie!

We went to Prairie Athletic Club in Sun Prairie for games and fun!
Here is Em picking a pumpkin so she can win a prize.
Here's Grammy helping Em draw the face on her ghost sucker.
It's pin the nose on pumpkin!!
All of us! Had a blast!!
We ran into Chris, our daycare provider - and here is Emme with Caed.
Will post another blog with Mommy and Daddy's costumes and fun party at the Mounds!
Happy Halloween Everyone!


grandma bonnie said...

She was a cute rockstar--those boots are adorable!!!! Glad that you had fun at the party--what a great idea! Emily, you are just toooooooooooo precious for words. Love you...

Parker & Kristen said...

LOVE the costume, Emily! You are the cutest Rockstar ever! :-) Can't wait to see you in a few weeks! love you