Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Haven't blogged in forever!!

Sorry we haven't done a blog in so long. It's been such a busy summer. So below is a photo blog of the last few weeks.

Here's baby Zander around his baptism (about 8 weeks old):

Here's a really cute picture of Kalli and Kacey at Zander's baptism. It was a georgous day!

Tony built Zander a sandbox before he was even born!! Here is Emily testing it out with Daddy:
We officially gave up the nuk. Hard to believe she ever even took one! We went cold turkey which everyone told me not to do - but it worked for us. She was 19 months old and we just took them away - we didn't do any special "talks" or anything. We just told her she was a big girl and didn't need them anymore. It took about 3 days before she stopped asking for them.

We went to the Waupon truck show. Emily loved all the trucks. Here she is riding on the cooler with Daddy:

My sister Casey has started her own business, called the Purse Parties. So if you want a new purse - let me know! I know who to contact!!! Below is a picture of my first purse party - it was more like a daycare! The girls all had a blast though!

We did some finger painting a few weeks ago. Here is what Emily looks like after we're done painting! Seems like she gets more of it on her face than on her paper!!!

Andrea and I took Emily and Tyler to the Middleton Splash Pad a few weeks ago. It took both of them a while to warm up to it - but by the end they absolutely loved it. I am hoping to go again this weekend if the weather warms up a little!

I met Alison (with her 2 kids Morgan and Luke) up in Winona for a little reunion. We went this past weekend. We had so much fun looking around and seeing all the buildings and how different everything looks. It's so beautiful. We had a really nice time and I'm so glad we found time to get up there together.
Here's a pic of baby Luke at the pool. He's so stinkin' cute!!! and such a good boy too :)
As you can see - we've been going NON-STOP all summer. It's been fun, but hoping things slow down sometime soon.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Photo Montage

I'm not sure why I'm posting other than the fact that I got a few cute new pics of Emme that I just had to share. She's so cute. Quite the handful lately, but she's as cute as ever and has the sweetest little personality. She loves to give kisses and noonie's. Do you know what a noonie is? It's where you rub noses together and say "noonie, noonie, noonie". It's sooooo cute :)

Here she is with her baby and baby doll stroller. She loves her baby.

Here is a picture from before we went to the pool on Sunday. Had to show you how she has a big girl pony tail!!! I can't believe how long and thick her hair is getting!!

Here is Emily and I at the pool. Check out that tooth-gap....There's room in there for plenty more teeth!!!!

We went to visit Sarah and her girls (Addison 2, and Alivia 2 months) yesterday. It was soooo cute to see Emme and Addy playing together. We heard a lot of "Mine"!! It was cute though.
Here's the group from Sarah's yesterday. Sarah with Addy on her lap, Tina holding new baby Livy, Me and Em and Heather. We had so much fun!!!
This last one is a picture of Emme in her new purple hat. She LOVES it! I had some coupons for the Carter's and Osh Kosh Outlets and bought Em a bunch of new winter clothes. I had to get this hat!!!
That's all for now!!!