Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Photo Montage

I'm not sure why I'm posting other than the fact that I got a few cute new pics of Emme that I just had to share. She's so cute. Quite the handful lately, but she's as cute as ever and has the sweetest little personality. She loves to give kisses and noonie's. Do you know what a noonie is? It's where you rub noses together and say "noonie, noonie, noonie". It's sooooo cute :)

Here she is with her baby and baby doll stroller. She loves her baby.

Here is a picture from before we went to the pool on Sunday. Had to show you how she has a big girl pony tail!!! I can't believe how long and thick her hair is getting!!

Here is Emily and I at the pool. Check out that tooth-gap....There's room in there for plenty more teeth!!!!

We went to visit Sarah and her girls (Addison 2, and Alivia 2 months) yesterday. It was soooo cute to see Emme and Addy playing together. We heard a lot of "Mine"!! It was cute though.
Here's the group from Sarah's yesterday. Sarah with Addy on her lap, Tina holding new baby Livy, Me and Em and Heather. We had so much fun!!!
This last one is a picture of Emme in her new purple hat. She LOVES it! I had some coupons for the Carter's and Osh Kosh Outlets and bought Em a bunch of new winter clothes. I had to get this hat!!!
That's all for now!!!


Parker & Kristen said...

That purple hat fits her to a tee! Oh my gosh how cute!! We miss you Emily! Owen sends his hugs and slobbery kisses to you!! We can't wait to see you in NOvember!

Jeff said...

Coupons???? What's gotten into you?