Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Haven't blogged in forever!!

Sorry we haven't done a blog in so long. It's been such a busy summer. So below is a photo blog of the last few weeks.

Here's baby Zander around his baptism (about 8 weeks old):

Here's a really cute picture of Kalli and Kacey at Zander's baptism. It was a georgous day!

Tony built Zander a sandbox before he was even born!! Here is Emily testing it out with Daddy:
We officially gave up the nuk. Hard to believe she ever even took one! We went cold turkey which everyone told me not to do - but it worked for us. She was 19 months old and we just took them away - we didn't do any special "talks" or anything. We just told her she was a big girl and didn't need them anymore. It took about 3 days before she stopped asking for them.

We went to the Waupon truck show. Emily loved all the trucks. Here she is riding on the cooler with Daddy:

My sister Casey has started her own business, called the Purse Parties. So if you want a new purse - let me know! I know who to contact!!! Below is a picture of my first purse party - it was more like a daycare! The girls all had a blast though!

We did some finger painting a few weeks ago. Here is what Emily looks like after we're done painting! Seems like she gets more of it on her face than on her paper!!!

Andrea and I took Emily and Tyler to the Middleton Splash Pad a few weeks ago. It took both of them a while to warm up to it - but by the end they absolutely loved it. I am hoping to go again this weekend if the weather warms up a little!

I met Alison (with her 2 kids Morgan and Luke) up in Winona for a little reunion. We went this past weekend. We had so much fun looking around and seeing all the buildings and how different everything looks. It's so beautiful. We had a really nice time and I'm so glad we found time to get up there together.
Here's a pic of baby Luke at the pool. He's so stinkin' cute!!! and such a good boy too :)
As you can see - we've been going NON-STOP all summer. It's been fun, but hoping things slow down sometime soon.

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