Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

We had a nice long weekend. It was busy, but not too busy. Kory's dad and his wife Bernita came to visit too which was really nice. We hadn't seen them since November. We had absolutely fantastic weather! I can't believe it. Here's a few pics we took lately:

Kory and his Dad-

Emme and Bernita playing-

Emme posing for a pic with Papa-

My attempt at creative shots-

Emme and Papa on the carousel at Brat Fest-

Happy Memorial Day to everyone. Thanks to our soldiers and their families for the ultimate sacrifice so the we can all live in a country of freedom.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Hayward Trip

We went up north last week for Mother's Day. We had a great time. The trip up was a little stressful with Emme. I worked until 11 and then Kory picked me up at work. He had the whole truck packed and Emme all ready to go! It was fantastic. The problem was that she played for 2 entire hours and then screamed for a full hour before finally passing out. So she slept the last hour and a half - guess we can't complain too much.

It snowed on our way up May!! We even woke up Saturday morning to a fresh blanket of snow. Crazy! We did still got some outside playtime though. I just love being in Hayward. I have so many memories as a child hanging out up there with my family and I hope we can give Emily the same wonderful memories!!

Here's a pic of her after nappy time. I love those kissable rosy red cheeks:

We were able to take Emily fishing for the first time. Thanks Z-pants for letting us borrow the life jacket. Let us know when you need it back! Check out those rock star sunglasses...I'm pretty sure her outfit was loud enough to scare fish away! LOL!

Here is Grammy holding on to the "oh sh**" handle on the life jacket - that's what it's for, right??? Em thought fishing was a contest of who can reel their empty lure in the fastest!! She was sooooo funny. Mom was trying to get her to leave her lure in the water a little longer so maybe a fish could grab it, but nope - Emily is VERY bossy and would yell at Grammy. It was so funny.
Thank you cousin Mikaiya for letting me borrow your barbie fishing pole - I don't have my own one yet :)

Here's a fish that daddy caught - Em loved it!!!!! She was helping to reel it in. Look out - I think we have a fisherman on our hands.

The last day there Grandpa let us take the Ranger out for the spin. Thanks Dad! Emme LOVES the Ranger. The whole family went for a ride. It was super fun.
Thanks to mom & dad for letting us come visit more often this summer. Happy Mother's Day to two of the most beautiful, loving and kind women in the world - Mom and Bonnie. You are the most fantastic "mom's" I could have and I look forward to many more Mother's Day's with both of you.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

New Playset

We bought Emily a new playset a few weeks ago and finally got a few nice days to put it up. Kory did all the work! It looks fantastic!!

Here is a cute video of Kory hammering in the anchors and Emily was saying "oh dada" each time he hit it. You have to listen closely to hear her.