Saturday, June 14, 2014

The New House

Well if you don't already know, then you must live under a rock. The last 6 weeks have been nothing but insane. We found a house we fell in love with and just had to have so we bought it :) Thankfully our house sold really quickly. So we ended up closing on our new house May 12th and our old house May 19th. It was perfect. Thank you soooo much to my mom and Kory's mom for all their help cleaning this pig sty! And also thanks to Luke, Jeff and everyone else who helped move all our crap.

And Grandma Walker - these pictures are for you :) Sorry it took me so long and also sorry for the random order, but I'm too tired to straighten them all out. Ha!

Emily's office/playroom

Emily's office/playroom

Emily's office/playroom

I organized it while she was at school and came home and she just loved it! She spends loads of time in this room.

Kory taking the plexi-glass off our 3 season porch

Kory was backing the truck up and my job was to tell him to stop if he was going to hit that black bar...ahhhh! It was nerve-wracking

He ended up having 3/4 of an inch!

The big boy fits!

Our first week here - we found a park not too far down the road - so that made Em happy

Our front door

Our living room

Standing by the front door looking towards the back door/garage and stairs for going upstairs

Standing in kitchen looking towards porch

Dining area


3-season porch

Main level bathroom

Standing by back door looking towards front door.

Cubby storage by back door

Upstairs family room/drum set area

Standing at top of stairs looking down

Drum area

Guest bedroom and Teresa's office

Kory's office

Storage room

Storage room

Upstairs laundry! LOVE!


Emily's bathroom

Em's bedroom

Em's bedroom and closet

Teresa's closet

Teresa's closet

Teresa's closet

Master bath

Master bath


Side yard

Garage again

Standing by house looking at shop

Side of house

Front of house

Front again

Guard dog

Sleeping guard dog
Master bedroom - minus our furniture!

Lots of May Happenings...

We were at a friend's house and her mom took these super cute pics of us, so I just wanted to share -

I had professional development day and was a volunteer - I got to meet Donald Driver - pretty cool even for a Bears fan like me :) He said "Hi Darlin" LOL!

Kory took the semi to Emily's kindergarten class - they loved it!!!!!

Em had her hip hop dance recital. They danced to a song called Wobble - they were soooo cute!

Emily had her first friend sleepover with Keira -

Just some fun friend time!
Emily and Maya

Daryn and Emily on a hike