Monday, June 25, 2012

Sugarland - Tinley Park - June 2012

We went to see Sugarland in Tinley Park, IL on Saturday June 23rd. We had a fantastic time! It was a girls weekend with my sister Casey, my sister-in-law Kacey and our friend Amy.

Casey's baby bump! Pretty sure Baby Breunig LOVED the concert!

Lauren Alaina (from American Idol) joined Sugarland on the stage for a song - she was in her pajamas!!!

Such wonderful memories with Sugarland. I have been to many of their concerts and each one is so special. They are some of the best performers in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Father's Day and Hayward with my Bestie!!!!

We celebrated Father's day a weekend early since we would be up north for the actual Father's day. Here is a cute pic of Em and Daddy as he's getting ready to open his presents.

Emily picked out the princess card, Barbie gift bag and the movie Up for daddy! She did great and he loved it!

We went up to Hayward Father's day weekend to spend time with my parents, our friends and to go ATVing. We had a perfect weekend and loved every minute of it!

Here's Luke (3), Morgan (7) and Em (4)

Everyone is laughing so hard because it was raining on our boat ride!!

Em driving with Papa Upnorth :)
Dad leaned over and asked Luke if he wanted to drive and you should have seen his face!!! Here he is smiling and loving every minute of driving the boat.

My best friend in the whole entire world. We don't get to see each other often, but I treasure every moment we spend together. Love you Ali!!!!


The kids finding our house. They were having a blast on the rainy boat ride.

Emily and Morgan "swimming" in the lake. They did pretty good.

Making goofy faces

Morgan and Em being soooo goofy!

Love that smile!

Playing with the sandbox all by himself 

It's so neat to see Em and Morgan play together and enjoy spending time with each other.

The adorable Hanson family!!

The Marion's & Hanson's!!!

Daddy and Emmers hanging out on the boat

Buggy trying to catch some fish

Em trying to get brave!

Me and mom fishing off the boat - love the new pontoon!

Grammy and Em playing cards
We had such a blast up north. Em even did a 22 mile ATV ride with me and Kory. It is her longest ride yet!!! Thanks for having us mom & dad!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

4K paperwork

Recently, I had to fill out some 4k paperwork for Miss Em. She starts 4k this fall. So it was questions around communication, gross motor skills, fine motor skills and a few other things. So one of the questions said the following:

Have your child draw a picture of a person. If they draw a head, body, 2 arms and 2 legs mark yes. If they draw only 4 body parts mark sometimes. If they draw less than 4 body parts mark no.

Here would be our child's drawing:
Yes, that is a full face including hair and eyebrows...and all 10 fingers and toes!!!
Way to go Emily!!!!!!

Dash Camera

In case you didn't see this on facebook.  Here a collection of clips looking out my windshield.

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Babysitting & Hayward Memorial Day Weekend

Here's Emily singing some songs for all of you:

I babysat my nieces a few weeks ago so my sister Cori and her hubby Jeff could have a morning to sleep in! It was so much fun. Granted the girls were all up at 6:15am, it was still a fun day. The morning consisted of playing barbies and doing art work - then we went outside since it was a gorgeous day.
Here are some pics from our outside adventures:
The girls all ready for the ATV ride with Uncle Kory

Neighbor kids over helping us fill water balloons

I just love this pic of Braenna. She is having so much fun!!!

Kory left with 2 boys and 3 girls and came back with our neighbor Barb in the wagon. We have never laughed so hard! She was out weeding her yard and the kids told her to hop she did!!!

After playing outside all morning - it was time for the girls to nap....and for me and Kory to rest. Apparently Otis was a little tired. He was sound asleep with his bone in his mouth - LOL!

After nap the girls went back out to play and we had a BBQ with Cori, Jeff, Casey, Mike and my neighbors. It was a wonderful Sunday!!!
Memorial Day Weekend - Hayward

Em is just loving her jeep this year - FINALLY! She has had that thing for like over 2 years so I'm glad she is enjoying driving it around. Here she was trying to squeeze it between two trees. She did eventually make it!!

During nap time - hanging decorations for Braenna's 4th birthday party - Pinkalicious style :)

Kids are awake! Time to P-A-R-T-Y!!!!

Happy 4th Birthday to my sweet niece, Braenna. Love you girl!!!!

Emily in her party hat, party tiara and of course a pink dress!

Mikaiya all ready for her sissy's party - even her American Doll Girl got a hat!

Well if Mikaiya's American Doll girl gets a hat then so does Emily's Hello Kitty :)

The Pinkalicious girls!

Emily picking which cupcake she wants to decorate first

Very carefully decorating....

Singing to the birthday girl

Opening presents....

Our girls...

All of us in pink! Daddy, Uncle Jeff and Grandpa avoided the pink clothing option

Pinata time! Uncle Jeff hanging it up in the garage.

CANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jeff - get out of there! It's for the kids!!!!

No party is complete without a bouncy house!
 Later in the weekend it finally warmed up enough for the girls to play outside.

Love this picture of them! Action shot!

awe....bathing beauties!

Sun-tanning...they all lasted about 30 seconds before they were up and running again.

Emily all bandaged up after her nasty fall on the gravel driveway - she is "reading" to Braenna. So sweet!