Thursday, June 21, 2012

Father's Day and Hayward with my Bestie!!!!

We celebrated Father's day a weekend early since we would be up north for the actual Father's day. Here is a cute pic of Em and Daddy as he's getting ready to open his presents.

Emily picked out the princess card, Barbie gift bag and the movie Up for daddy! She did great and he loved it!

We went up to Hayward Father's day weekend to spend time with my parents, our friends and to go ATVing. We had a perfect weekend and loved every minute of it!

Here's Luke (3), Morgan (7) and Em (4)

Everyone is laughing so hard because it was raining on our boat ride!!

Em driving with Papa Upnorth :)
Dad leaned over and asked Luke if he wanted to drive and you should have seen his face!!! Here he is smiling and loving every minute of driving the boat.

My best friend in the whole entire world. We don't get to see each other often, but I treasure every moment we spend together. Love you Ali!!!!


The kids finding our house. They were having a blast on the rainy boat ride.

Emily and Morgan "swimming" in the lake. They did pretty good.

Making goofy faces

Morgan and Em being soooo goofy!

Love that smile!

Playing with the sandbox all by himself 

It's so neat to see Em and Morgan play together and enjoy spending time with each other.

The adorable Hanson family!!

The Marion's & Hanson's!!!

Daddy and Emmers hanging out on the boat

Buggy trying to catch some fish

Em trying to get brave!

Me and mom fishing off the boat - love the new pontoon!

Grammy and Em playing cards
We had such a blast up north. Em even did a 22 mile ATV ride with me and Kory. It is her longest ride yet!!! Thanks for having us mom & dad!!

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