Thursday, February 26, 2009

Is it spring yet?'s still winter here in Madison. We are SOOOO sick of this weather and anxiously awaiting spring which is hopefully just around the corner.

We have had a busy month. We spent Valentine's Day weekend in Indiana for Kory's Dad's wedding. The next weekend we were up at the Dells for our annual Wilderness weekend. We had a blast!!

Emily woke up this morning not feeling so well. Poor thing! I took her to the Dr. today and they think it's just a virus, so that makes me feel better. I must report that they weighed her (granted she had clothes AND shoes on!!!) and she was 20.8 lbs!! Woohoo!! We hit the "20's". ha ha My not so big little girl :)

Emme is now standing all by herself. We're hoping she starts walking anytime soon (actually we're hoping she doesn't walk because we know how much more stuff she will be in to!!!). She blows kisses, waves, claps and even picks her nose! ha ha She says "Hi" to every person that walks by her and if they don't respond, she kind of looks at me as if I can do something about it!!! Too funny. She has quite the personality.

Here is the photo link for this month:

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Can you help?

I am posting this on behalf of Kory's step-sister. Please help if you can....

Dear friends and family,

I am writing to ask for your help. As most of you know, I lost a very good friend of mine, Christine Folsom, to cancer in December. Although Christine battled uterine cancer for over a year, an infection took her very quickly and unexpectedly the day after my birthday.
Christine spent many years of her life in foster care and was adopted by a childless couple who have both passed away. Because of her own experience, it was her greatest joy to adopt two boys out of the foster care system as a single mom. Christine and I bonded over her daily adventures and trials with Marquan, age 10, and Darion, age 7. Those three were a very faith based, tight knit family. The boys were completely unprepared for Christine's death and within a matter of days they lost their mom, their home and their pet. The boys now live with Tony & Elida Lapetina, good friends of Christine's, but their cat had to go live with other friends (the Lapetina's dog was unwilling to share his space!).
Christine chose for the boys to attend Concordia Lutheran School, a small faith based school here in Racine. As I went to the school the day after Christine died to speak to the principal, staff came pouring out of their classrooms to ask about the boys. I was also asked to speak to each of the boys' classrooms and their classmates had many questions about how the boys were doing. They made dozens of cards and most of the school attended the funeral. This is the only remaining constant in their lives and clearly a loving learning environment for them.
My goal, and Christine's wish, is for them to continue at Concordia until they graduate 8th grade. However, the tuition runs over $6000/year for the both of them. Due to medical expenses running more than $1000/month for much of 2008, Christine was not able to leave a large estate for the boys. Tony and Elida are also committed to the boys continuing at Concordia, and while both work full-time (he at Juvenile Detention and she at Boston Store), they are on a budget with the boys and their own two daughters to raise.
Therefore, a small group of us is hosting a benefit mostacolli dinner on March 14th from 1-4pm at Infusino's. Tickets are $15 each and there will be a silent auction also. I am appealing for my friends and family to help me raise as much money as we can for Marquan and Darion's education. If you cannot attend the dinner, we are accepting straight donations also. We were able to set up a tax deductible account at Educators Credit Union utilizing the school's non-profit number. Checks should be written out to the Folsom Boys Education Fund and put the account number (129212) on the memo line. Your check can count as a receipt, although I will also get receipts for all checks I receive and deposit. My address is: 5702 Cambridge Lane, Racine, Wi 53406.
I know times are tight for all of us, but I'm asking for each of us to think about giving up one lunch out or a couple of beers or a couple days worth of Starbucks. Every dollar will benefit the future of Marquan and Darion.
Thank you all so much!
Love, Liz

Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Emily Videos

We haven't posted videos in a here are some new ones.
The first one is Emily and Aunt Kalli. The second one is showing how much she loves her walking toy.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Randy and Bernita get Hitched!!!

Kory, Emme and I drove down to Indiana on Saturday for Randy (Kory's dad) and Bernita's wedding. It was on Valentines Day ( sweet!) in Watseka, Illinois. It's about a 4 hour drive from Madison.
We met Kalli and Nate who flew in from Portland and Kacey and Tony down there. Kacey and Kalli had already been helping Bernita a lot with the wedding. She appreciated them so much. They were her georgous bridesmaides :)
We got down there about an hour before pics started. So Kory showered and got ready while I helped curl the flower girl's hair. Kacey and Kalli did Bernita's hair and make-up and she looked absolutely stunning!!
I hung out with Nathan and Emily while everyone else went to the church for pictures. It was nice to just relax for an hour and half before going to the church. When we got there - we enjoyed the chocolate fountain...Yummy!!! Then headed in for the ceremony. Everyone looked beautiful. Kory was also a groomsman.

Emily was a little stinker during the ceremony, but Tony and Nathan helped me keep her corralled! ha ha It was funny. She is such a "star". She loves when people look at her and smile at her. She just glows and gets so excited. She is learning to say "Hi" to everyone and of course people think that is so cute. Uncle Richard even took her for a while and she didn't get mad or scared or anything. She's so good with people she doesn't know.
I didn't get to take a lot of pictures, but here are a few from my camera:
Here is Em with Aunt Kalli and Aunt Kacey

Here is Grandpa Randy with his oldest grandchild (Nate) and his youngest grandchild (Emme)-- although she won't be youngest for long!! Aunt Kristen is due in 5 weeks!!!

The bridal party

Bernita walking down the aisle

During the ceremony (I had to sit in back with Em, so my pics are from far away!!)

Here we are at the reception. Nate played his guitar while we ate. It was SOOOO cool! He rocks!!!

Kory had to join him on the drums!!!

Emme was rocking out with her aunts during the music played by her godfather :)
Here is the bridal party table
Emme says it's 8pm, I haven't had a nap and I've been a good girl all day. I want my mommy and I want to go home...NOW!
After we cleaned up the reception hall, we headed back to the hotel. We put the munchkin to bed and then we all went into Kacey and Tony's room. We continued the partying until after midnight. I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard. We decided to do some prank calling that night...sorry for those of you that received our drunken calls. It was quite amusing to all of us though!! You know we love you :)
Oh! I forgot one of the best parts - during the pre-ceremony pictures the Kalli, Kacey and Kory decided we couldn't have their Dad's wedding without their 2 siblings - Kristen and Kurt. So Kory drew these "lovely" pics of them. OMG! They were hysterical. So at the reception we hung them on a post by our table and even introduced them when Randy walked to each table to introduce everyone. It was so funny.
Randy & Bernita - thanks for having us. We had a great time and were so happy to be a part of your special day. We wish you many years of love and happiness!!!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

The NAMM Show

While Teresa and Emily were stuck in WI, in -30 temperatures, I was in L.A. basking in the 86 degree weather. I went to the NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) show with my friend Scott Schroedl. It showcases all the new music instrument products. I spent 4 days looking at drums, guitars and music gear. I also got to hang out with a bunch of famous musicians. I got to see some really cool bands set up hotel lobby's and banquet rooms. It's crazy to walk into a Hilton hotel lobby and see walls of speakers and lights.

My friend Scott. I took drum lessons from him from 5th grade through my freshman year in high school.

I'm outside the Anaheim Convention Center about to go into the show.

Scott is standing in front all of the music books he's written and recorded on. He's even done an instructional DVD.

Here I am with the Diamond Guitar Amp girls. You gotta love booth candy! Scott had to stop by this booth everyday and look at guitar amps. Of course I couldn't let him go alone.

This is the Paiste Cymbal booth. Scott and I spent hours playing all of their cymbals.

I visited with Nicko McBrain (drummer for Iron Maiden).

We talked with Rikki Rockett (drummer for Poison). He has a company that makes custom drums.

These are Rikki's custom snare drums.

This is a kit from Drum Workshop (DW). That is about $8,000 worth of drums.

Here is Tim (a former student of Scott's) playing drums. Tim was playing a private show for Guitar Magazine. They just got done with a tour in Europe and they'll start touring the U.S. soon.

Big Girl Carseat

Our little munchkin is officially ready for her Big Girl Carseat. We bought two of the Britax Marathon carseats and put them in this weekend. She had to be 1 year old AND 20 lbs. We were so close on the 20 lbs, but needed to give her an extra month to gain some weight.
Here she is enjoying the ride facing forward: