Sunday, February 01, 2009

The NAMM Show

While Teresa and Emily were stuck in WI, in -30 temperatures, I was in L.A. basking in the 86 degree weather. I went to the NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) show with my friend Scott Schroedl. It showcases all the new music instrument products. I spent 4 days looking at drums, guitars and music gear. I also got to hang out with a bunch of famous musicians. I got to see some really cool bands set up hotel lobby's and banquet rooms. It's crazy to walk into a Hilton hotel lobby and see walls of speakers and lights.

My friend Scott. I took drum lessons from him from 5th grade through my freshman year in high school.

I'm outside the Anaheim Convention Center about to go into the show.

Scott is standing in front all of the music books he's written and recorded on. He's even done an instructional DVD.

Here I am with the Diamond Guitar Amp girls. You gotta love booth candy! Scott had to stop by this booth everyday and look at guitar amps. Of course I couldn't let him go alone.

This is the Paiste Cymbal booth. Scott and I spent hours playing all of their cymbals.

I visited with Nicko McBrain (drummer for Iron Maiden).

We talked with Rikki Rockett (drummer for Poison). He has a company that makes custom drums.

These are Rikki's custom snare drums.

This is a kit from Drum Workshop (DW). That is about $8,000 worth of drums.

Here is Tim (a former student of Scott's) playing drums. Tim was playing a private show for Guitar Magazine. They just got done with a tour in Europe and they'll start touring the U.S. soon.

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