Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Our Trip to Texas

Emily and I left on April 11th for a trip to Texas to visit my sister and her family. We had a VERY early flight out of Madison. Emme did great!! I always worry when it's just her and I, but she's such a good traveller. She's been on 3 airline flights already! yay! We arrived Saturday morning, Cori and Jeff picked us up at the airport in a lovely rented minivan. It was perfect to fit all of us. Cori and Jeff had the 2 front seats, then Mikaiya (3 years old) and Braenna (1o months old) were in the next set of seats, and Emme (15 months old) and I were in the back row. I was able to help with the kiddos and it worked out really well. They picked us up at the airport and we drove straight down to San Antonio - with 1 stop at McDonald's for the kids to run around and burn off some energy.

We rented a house in San Antonio which worked out PERFECTLY!!! We each had our own rooms which was fabulous. We got up Sunday morning to the Easter Bunny!!! "She" managed to find us even though we were all far from home in San Antonio. Here is Emme in her pretty Easter dress (borrowed from Mikaiya when she was little):

After we opened Easter baskets we packed up and headed into Sea World. We had such a good time. Day 1 included the Dolphin Show (Viva) and lots of walking. Mikaiya went on some rides. Emily just loved it all. We saw the fish and the penguins. At one point we were walking along and some music started playing and Em stopped in her tracks and started shaking her butt - for those of you that have been blessed enough to see her dance (ha ha) then you know what I mean. Cori was laughing so hard at her. It was a riot.

Day 2 at Sea World included the Shamu show (Believe) and then another show with the Sesame Street characters. She LOVED that one. She was really into all the characters. We also got to spend time feeding the dolphins. It was so fun. They have this big tank and and you are right up against it. You get to pet their heads and give them fish. It was really fun. Hard for Em to do, but Mikaiya had a lot of fun with it.

Day 3 we packed up and headed back to Dallas - on the way we stopped at the San Antonio Riverwalk and went on a boat ride. It was soooo fun! We got the history tour of everything. The kids seemed to like it too.

The next few days we hung out at Cori and Jeff's house - just playing with the kids, running errands and playing outside a lot. Mom arrived Thursday morning and we were SOOO relieved. We could really use an extra set of hands. Casey came Thursday night. Mikaiya couldn't wait all day to see her Auntie CeCe. We did sidewalk chalk, wagon/bike rides, had tea parties, the girls took lots of baths together and lots of other fun stuff.

One bad thing was that Emily got this awful rash. It started about 1/2 way through our trip. It was not fun. By Friday she was miserable and itching like crazy, so I took her to the urgent care down there. The Dr was quite concerned, but we couldn't pinpoint what was causing it. They gave us prednisone and now it's all cleared up -- thankfully. I hope we can figure out what caused it in the first place though.

Anyways, we had a super time. Thanks to Cori and Jeff for having us for a whole 8 days. Thanks for all the Bud Light :) Thanks for letting Emme sleep in Braenna's crib. Just thanks for a really good time. Miss you all already!

Monday, April 06, 2009

Our First Craft Project

My friend at work showed me pictures of her 14 month old finger painting and I said WHAT??? Emme hasn't finger painted yet! I'm behind the 8 ball. ha ha So sure enough I went out and bought some washable (WASHABLE is the key word here!!!) finger paints and got her all ready with her "painting" bib that Aunt Kalli bought her. She didn't know what to do at first with the paint which is how she ended up with it on her lip. Then she figured out how it all worked. She had a blast painting!!! She made her first two pieces of art work and I am going to save them...well at least 1 of them :) So she can have it when she moves out of the house. Don't all parents give you a big box of crap when you get your own space as an adult? I know mine did :)

So then after she was all done - we put her paints up in her closet and she saw where we put them. So all last night she kept pointing up there like she wanted to paint some more. This morning when Kory got her ready for daycare-he said the first thing she did when she got out of the crib was walk over to her closet and point at the paints. What a smart little girl!!!
Oh - and she said "Ball" for the first time this weekend. YAHOO!!! Word 4, I think. Yay!