Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hayward and Spur of the Moment Ranch

A few weeks ago we went up to Hayward and met our good friends Scott, Alison and their 2 kids  - Morgan who is 9 and Luke who is 4. We had so much fun. The weather wasn't great, but we made the best of it.

Morgan and Em!

"Make a silly face!!!"

Kisses for Lukie!

Em and Luke's turn to make a silly face

In the trailer behind the ATV

Besties for life!!!!!

Emme LOVES Miss Morgan!

The kids at the big fish


We went downtown and each kid picked out a gift. Em got the flower head piece, Morgan got the panda, and Lukie got the knight get-up. Too funny!

Morgan caught a fish!

Boat ride
Ok - apparently I have no pictures of Kory and Scott but they were infact on the trip :) We celebrated Father's Day up there and the boys enjoyed a full day of ATVing and then a nice dinner made by all the wives. It was great to spend the time with not only my hubby but also my Dad.

Last weekend we got away for an adults weekend up at a ranch in Mountain, WI. We went with our good friends, and neighbors, Kathy & Andy. We all brought our ATV's and were soooo excited to finally have our weekend away.

Me happily enjoying an adult beverage on our way to the resort

Our cabin - Spur of the Moment Ranch - LOVED IT!

The 4 of us getting ready to ride

Our living room

Looking into the two bedrooms

The full kitchen

The Cedar cabin!

Just beautiful up there!

This was out on the trails - it was gorgeous!
The view from our cabin - this was a place where a lot of people bring their horses to come ride. It's so pretty to wake up to horses each day!

Me and Cody :)

Love you guys!!!!

Me in the black jacket and Kathy in the gray

Kathy and Andy petting Cody

Enjoying our campfire

The cabin next door brought their dog - and she (Bella) just loved Kory!

ahhh the memories!
We had such a great time and are already hoping to plan a trip in September where we can bring all the kiddos. It's a great place to stay and would recommend it. Loved it!!!

Monday, June 10, 2013

What have we been up to?

Emily and Momma went to Brat Fest...

Braenna had her 5th birthday party at Prairie Kids Club
The 2 five year olds!

Emily trying to be taller since she is 6 months older...but yeah...she isn't!

Happy Birthday B!!!!

Em playing at the party

The Birthday Girl!

Our little cheerleader

Parachute game!

The girls had a blast

Silly kids at the party

Mikaiya and Miss Em

Happy Birthday sweetie pie
Our beautiful girl had her last day of 4k! We are soooo incredibly proud Miss Em!!!
Last day of 4K

First day of 4K and last day of 4K
Gingerbread had a picnic for all the 4k graduates but it was cancelled due to rainy weather. I was so bummed!!! But they did send us these two videos. Kind of glad Em had a bring orange dress on - you can't miss her in the front row on the right.

Emily also had her last day at Gingerbread House. She has been there since she was potty trained (almost 2 1/2). This summer she's staying with our babysitter. Today was her first day and she loved it.

First day at GBH (2 1/2) and last day at GBH (5 1/2) - OMG!! She has grown up soooo much!
This past weekend we were busy watching my nieces. Had such a blast. Makes me so thankful to have all 3 of them here to spend time with.
On Saturday morning, Cori & Jeff rode the Trek 100 so we had the girls for the day.

3 of my favorite girls in the whole entire world!

I even did their nails - Em's & Mikaiya's finger nails and Braenna's toes

Then Casey and Mike had a wedding, so I had miss Audrey overnight from Saturday to Sunday. We had a great time with a baby in the house again. Em was such a great helper!!!

Audrey loving her walk to the park

Helping to feed the baby girl!

Reading books to Audrey

Audrey reallllly wanted to get Otis

Hi Monkey!!!!!

I love you too Audrey!

So I guess the last month has been busy. Looking forward to heading up north this weekend! Will post more soon.