Monday, August 25, 2008

8 Months Old

Emily will be 8 months old tomorrow...I can't believe it. She has grown into such a beautiful little girl. She is now 18 lbs, but she still fits in to her 3 - 6 month pants! She has no waist and no's so cute!!

She's now eating baby food - we've gone through all the 1's and 2's. We even gave her a few pieces of banana this weekend and she seemed to like that. I have this extreme fear of her choking, so I'm a little delayed on giving her people food yet. Every time she has something in her mouth I freak out to make sure she swallows and is still breathing!! I'm hoping it's just new-mommy-syndrome and that it will soon pass. I'm starting to annoy myself!!

Em does seem to like people watching, dog watching, TV watching, etc...more than eating her baby food. I seem to remember being moved to the opposite side of the table as a little girl so that I could no longer look out the window...I think we have another daydreamer on our hands!

You will also see in the pictures that Emme seems to find Daddy's nose quite tasty. We're not sure how that started, but all of sudden she started chewing on the end of his nose. She even chewed on his chin once, but we didn't catch that one in a photo yet. So needless to say - Emme thinks her daddy's nose tastes good - hey whatever keeps her entertained!!

We are getting ready for our big airplane ride trip to Texas. We leave on Sept 10th. Me, Em and Aunt CeCe (Casey for those of you who don't know the auntie lingo). It should be fun - say a few prayers for us that Em behaves herself!! I'm sure she will. Hopefully no large bowel movements while in flight - those airplane bathrooms do not have a fancy diaper changing station!!!

We've had a great summer and really can't believe it's almost labor day weekend already. Thanks to everyone for all your support the last few months. It's meant more than you know. We are on a good track - heading in the right direction with a beautiful daughter. We couldn't ask for more.

Here is her 8 month photo link:

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The bumper of a Peterbilt

Thought we'd post some new pics. Can't believe Emily is going to be 8 months old next week!!

Here she is looking at herself in the bumper of a Peterbilt at the Waupon truck show:

Here she is with Mary, her therapist that she saw each week for her helmet adjustments:

My sleeping angel--check out those long eyelashes:

Monday, August 11, 2008

Emme Crawling

Well I was trying to avoid the issue of my peanut crawling so early, but alas...I can not wait any longer!! I keep calling it the 'army crawl'...but she is crawling!! We've posted a video. It's time to go buy all my house safety gear!!!

Friday, August 08, 2008


I have been meaning to write this week and just haven't had a chance. I wanted to let everyone know that Emily got her helmet off on Monday. We are very excited and quite happy with the results. Her head looks so much better - of course it's not perfect - but we start out in the 'severe' range and are now in the 'normal' range. Mary told us not to really look at her head for about a month because it will change between now and then. We are so happy to snuggle Emme and give her lots of kisses. I even tried putting a barette in her hair, but she doesn't quite have enough hair yet!!!

I dropped Em off at my mom's last night so she could babysit her today while her other grandma is out visiting the kids in Portland. I will head down to my parents tonight to get Miss Em and then we'll head back in the morning. We are taking her to her first truck show up in Waupon tomorrow - so we are all very excited! I will post some pictures this weekend.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

New Emme Video

We haven't posted a video in a while and we've heard Emme's cousin Reese LOVES her videos! So this one's for you Reesey!! Miss you buddy.