Monday, August 11, 2008

Emme Crawling

Well I was trying to avoid the issue of my peanut crawling so early, but alas...I can not wait any longer!! I keep calling it the 'army crawl'...but she is crawling!! We've posted a video. It's time to go buy all my house safety gear!!!


grandma bonnie said...

I leave for 2 weeks and everything changes! Emily has her helmet off, she is sitting up and crawling, and her hair has grown alot!! What an adorable little girl--of course, I am not prejudiced at all!!! This video is adorable and yes, I call that crawling! Love you, Emily.

Cori said...

Mikaiya just had to watch this video over and over! How cute! Gotta love that instead of going for her cup she goes straight for the cord on the floor! Looks like you're going to be busy! Can't wait to see what she can find at our place in a few weeks!!