Friday, August 08, 2008


I have been meaning to write this week and just haven't had a chance. I wanted to let everyone know that Emily got her helmet off on Monday. We are very excited and quite happy with the results. Her head looks so much better - of course it's not perfect - but we start out in the 'severe' range and are now in the 'normal' range. Mary told us not to really look at her head for about a month because it will change between now and then. We are so happy to snuggle Emme and give her lots of kisses. I even tried putting a barette in her hair, but she doesn't quite have enough hair yet!!!

I dropped Em off at my mom's last night so she could babysit her today while her other grandma is out visiting the kids in Portland. I will head down to my parents tonight to get Miss Em and then we'll head back in the morning. We are taking her to her first truck show up in Waupon tomorrow - so we are all very excited! I will post some pictures this weekend.

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