Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Happy 2nd Easter

We hosted Kory's family at our house this past Saturday (also our 11th wedding anniversary - Happy Anniversary Honey!!). We had a blast and enjoyed having everyone here eventhough the weather was still not very warm. Can't wait for spring to finally get here. Maybe sometime soon?!?!

The goodie bags for the kids - all boys except for Emily's bag! LOL!
Here is our grown up little girl playing on the computer while waiting for everyone to arrive - I swear she looks about 12 years old in this picture!

As soon as they got here - Em gave everyone Hello Kitty stickers - she covered AJ in them for some reason :) He is such a good sport!
Emily talking to her cousin Zander (aka Zpants)

Em got a light up yo yo!

Ohhhh Aunt Kacey got a new shirt :)

Mr. Maddox opening his present from Auntie Kalli

Em got bath stickers!
 We decided to do the Easter egg hunt outside. Thanks to the big boys - AJ and Tyler for hiding the eggs for the little kids - Reese, Emily, Zander and Maddox. Everyone had fun running around before the rain started.
Z found an egg!

Emmers wayyyyy out by the culvert

I think that is AJ under the truck. One of the eggs fell.

Everyone eating the delicious brisket and pork shoulder that Kory made. It was sooo yummy!

I love this face!!!!!
 After dinner the daddy's all went downstairs and the mommy's hung out upstairs with the kids. All these boys aren't used to the girl toys in this house...but they all adjusted quite nicely :)

Emily doing AJ's hair - again...such a good sport!
Zander flat ironing Reese's hair, just like his mommy does!

Reese's turn!
Em putting lipstick on Aunt Kacey

Oh boy! Everyone is helping!!!

G's turn! Em did a lovely job on the hair.
 We were going to color Easter eggs on Saturday but the day got away from us, so we just colored them this past weekend. Another bonus to having only 1 child - no fighting!! LOL! Em got to color all 18 eggs however she chose. LOL!

Getting started

Concentrating very hard

Proud of her creations
 Sunday afternoon was a sneak peek to spring. So we were all outside for several hours.

Emily playing catch!
That's it. That's all I got ;) Hope everyone had a great weekend. We sure did. Thanks to Bonnie & Tom; Kacey, Tony, Zander and Maddox; Kalli, Mark, Tyler, AJ and Reese for all coming over on Saturday. I know our house is small and not optimal, but we had a great time and hope you all did too.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Happy 1st Easter

We choose to host Easter each year at our house. I like to have everyone over. This post is for our "first" Easter which was with my family last weekend. My Dad is in South Carolina visiting my Grandma so he wasn't there. Everyone else was though!!

Our beautiful little girl
A cute family picture

Ok ok. This is our real family picture :)

Mom and Emmers

Grammy and Audrey

I love this one!!!! Such a sweet baby and sweet big girl :)

All the grand-daughters. Such cuties!!

Ripping open their gifts from Grammy

Audrey opening her presents a little more gracefully than the big girls

Stampf family picture

Me and little Audrey!

So cute! Cori and Audrey.

We were playing Rummikub and it was Mike's turn, but he was feeding Audrey. So he stopped feeding her to play and she was NOT happy. So Kory took over...yep...Kory willingly feeding a baby! LOL!

He's kind of a messy feeder.....but Audrey didn't mind!

Audrey picking out Mike's Rummikub tile

Ok this is so funny - so Audrey has learned that when you hold the camera in front of her face, she knows she's supposed to smile, but she doesn't like the bright flash in her eyes. So she closes her eyes and gives the biggest grin ever. It is soo cute!

Kory planted a big fat wet kiss on Cori LOL!
We had so much fun. Such a great time celebrating with family. Looking forward to our 2nd Easter this weekend :)