Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Busy last few weeks...

Wow has it been a busy few weeks around here...Not even sure where to start.....

We took Emily and Zander to the circus with Kacey & Tony. The kids lasted about an hour. They had fun though!!

Kory's sisters have been in town for a few weeks visiting our new nephew Maddox so most of the following pictures are from their vist.

Kalli, Kacey and Kristen - beautiful sisters :)

Mommy and her new baby boy!! Such a cute picture!!

Emily and her cousin Reese swaddling and feeding their babies

Owen and Zander building blocks

Kristen, Tony and Kory took the 3 little ones out sledding. Here is Emily getting some "air"

The boys sledding together. They all had a blast!
 Kacey & Tony had Maddox baptized on Sunday. It was a very nice ceremony. Kalli is the god mother and Mark is the god father, since Mark couldn't fly in - Reese stood in. He was soooo proud!!

Reese holding the baptism candle

The priest with the Vosberg's and god parents

Awe...the happy parents!

Reese and Kalli

One of my favorite pics - Em with ONE of her favorite aunts!!!

Our family

Kristen and Owen

Tom and Bonnie

Tony's sister Amy and her family were there as well. Em was happy to have a little girl, Grace, to play with.

The Vosberg's with Bonnie & Tom

The Marion kids...all except Kurt!
 Emily is in LOVE with her new little cousin....

Giving Maddox kisses

Feeding baby Maddox

Kristen took this video of Emily and Zander sledding. SOOOOO cute!