Sunday, November 30, 2008

Emme is 11 Months Old

One more month until my little peanut is 1 year old. I can't believe how fast this year has gone. She was busy this month with learning how to Christmas shop like the pro's, wearing an adorable flower Halloween costume, and playing with all her new friends. We put up our tree today (YES! WE actually put up a xmas tree) and she is loving to gently touch the ornaments. Let's hope the tree can remain standing for another 4 weeks!!!

Emme got to meet her new teeny tiny friend named Anika yesterday. She even got to hold her hand which was so cute. Thanks Matt & Brenda! She's adorable. Em had her first TWO turkey days on Thursday. Her first one was at Grandma Bonnie's and the second was at Aunt CeCe's. She loved all the fixin's.

She is still sick and we're all hoping she starts to feel better soon. It's been a long month with her being sick non-stop. So please wish her well!!!

Here's some cute new videos from this month:

Here's the 11 month photo link as well:

Why Kory doesn't work in an office....

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's been a while...

Apologies for not writing more often, it's been a busy couple of weeks. Since the last post a lot has happened. Let's see..Grammy kept Emme at her house for 4 whole days so mommy could work on a big work project. I missed her a lot - but I was able to get some work in. We also went to Kacey and Tony's Halloween party and had a great time! The following weekend - Kory and I went on a date while Kacey and Tony babysat Em for us. We went to a movie, dinner and out for ice cream...and we were home by 6:30pm. ha ha Only WE could do that and still have a great time!! Work has been busy. Kory's busy getting the semi ready for winter. We are not looking forward to another WI winter with a lot of snow predicted again. Hopefully they are wrong!!

Emily has been sick NON-STOP since the end of October. Everyone keeps telling me - "welcome to motherhood". It's awful!! She started out with a stomach bug and was very sick for 5 days. I stayed home with her for 3 full days and tried to get her to eat the best I could. She ended up losing 1 lb which is a lot for my 18 lber :) We even had to take her to the Dr to get her to give a urine sample. Good luck getting a 10 month old to pee in a bag - especially when she wasn't eating or drinking anything! Finally we got her to pee and everything was okay. It was just a virus that need to work it's course. Then as soon as she felt better from that - she got a nasty cold. Started out with a bad cough that lasted about a week, then turned into a runny nose and congestion - and just this past weekend turned into a cough that sounds like croup!! I swear it's been one thing after another. Oh! I forgot - after the start of her cold - she got conjunctivits (eye infection) and had to get her very first prescription. It was quite funny because Grandpa Randy (aka Dr. Marion - the eye Dr!!!) called it into Walgreens for us and I went to pick it up. The pharmacist asked me about Emily's info then said who is the referring physician....I said Dr. Marion. She was that her Daddy? I said...NOPE! Her Grandpa :) Too cute! We'll have to save the prescription label for her baby book.

Here are some new pics:
I want to eat those cheeks!!

Emily's first Christmas present- (from Aunt Kristen)
Em's first prescription -Eye Drops from Grandpa Randy-
Yummy - I am a messy eater!!!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

First Haircut

Grammy (Hair Stylist Extraordinaire) gave Emme her very first haircut on Friday night. It was just a trim, but it was much needed.



Thank you Grammy!!
Mommy even saved a few hair clippings for Em's baby book.

Halloween Road Trip

Emily's first Halloween was a BUSY evening!! Kory and I got her dressed in her cute flower costume and then we went across the street to see Kathy, Andy and the boys. After that, Emme and Mommy drove up to Columbus to see Shelly, Jason and the girls. They were so cute in their costumes. Madi was Daphne from Scooby Doo and Maya was Minnie Mouse. After Columbus, we drove to see Aunt Kacey. She was very excited to see Emily in her costume. Then we drove the short drive to Aunt CeCe's and Uncle Mike's. By this point, Emily was getting a little fussy!!! So we didn't stay too long and headed next to Grandma Bonnie's and Grandpa Tom's house. We stayed there for a bit and fed her some dinner. Then packed her up again and headed down to Grammy and Grandpa's in Illinois. Wow that was a busy evening. Emily did good getting in and out of her costume at each stop!!! The flower was too puffy to wear in her carseat. I think she enjoyed her first halloween.

Sun Prairie to Columbus =16 miles
Columbus to Cottage Grove = 23 miles
Cottage Grove to Cambridge = 13 miles
Cambridge to Johnsburg = 70 miles

Halloween Road Trip = 122 miles!!!

She also wore her cute skeleton shirt on Thursday, so thought we'd post that pic too: