Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's been a while...

Apologies for not writing more often, it's been a busy couple of weeks. Since the last post a lot has happened. Let's see..Grammy kept Emme at her house for 4 whole days so mommy could work on a big work project. I missed her a lot - but I was able to get some work in. We also went to Kacey and Tony's Halloween party and had a great time! The following weekend - Kory and I went on a date while Kacey and Tony babysat Em for us. We went to a movie, dinner and out for ice cream...and we were home by 6:30pm. ha ha Only WE could do that and still have a great time!! Work has been busy. Kory's busy getting the semi ready for winter. We are not looking forward to another WI winter with a lot of snow predicted again. Hopefully they are wrong!!

Emily has been sick NON-STOP since the end of October. Everyone keeps telling me - "welcome to motherhood". It's awful!! She started out with a stomach bug and was very sick for 5 days. I stayed home with her for 3 full days and tried to get her to eat the best I could. She ended up losing 1 lb which is a lot for my 18 lber :) We even had to take her to the Dr to get her to give a urine sample. Good luck getting a 10 month old to pee in a bag - especially when she wasn't eating or drinking anything! Finally we got her to pee and everything was okay. It was just a virus that need to work it's course. Then as soon as she felt better from that - she got a nasty cold. Started out with a bad cough that lasted about a week, then turned into a runny nose and congestion - and just this past weekend turned into a cough that sounds like croup!! I swear it's been one thing after another. Oh! I forgot - after the start of her cold - she got conjunctivits (eye infection) and had to get her very first prescription. It was quite funny because Grandpa Randy (aka Dr. Marion - the eye Dr!!!) called it into Walgreens for us and I went to pick it up. The pharmacist asked me about Emily's info then said who is the referring physician....I said Dr. Marion. She was that her Daddy? I said...NOPE! Her Grandpa :) Too cute! We'll have to save the prescription label for her baby book.

Here are some new pics:
I want to eat those cheeks!!

Emily's first Christmas present- (from Aunt Kristen)
Em's first prescription -Eye Drops from Grandpa Randy-
Yummy - I am a messy eater!!!

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Kari said...

i hope she starts feeling good soon! Zander had croup at 7 months and we were in the ER overnight. NO FUN!!