Sunday, November 02, 2008

Halloween Road Trip

Emily's first Halloween was a BUSY evening!! Kory and I got her dressed in her cute flower costume and then we went across the street to see Kathy, Andy and the boys. After that, Emme and Mommy drove up to Columbus to see Shelly, Jason and the girls. They were so cute in their costumes. Madi was Daphne from Scooby Doo and Maya was Minnie Mouse. After Columbus, we drove to see Aunt Kacey. She was very excited to see Emily in her costume. Then we drove the short drive to Aunt CeCe's and Uncle Mike's. By this point, Emily was getting a little fussy!!! So we didn't stay too long and headed next to Grandma Bonnie's and Grandpa Tom's house. We stayed there for a bit and fed her some dinner. Then packed her up again and headed down to Grammy and Grandpa's in Illinois. Wow that was a busy evening. Emily did good getting in and out of her costume at each stop!!! The flower was too puffy to wear in her carseat. I think she enjoyed her first halloween.

Sun Prairie to Columbus =16 miles
Columbus to Cottage Grove = 23 miles
Cottage Grove to Cambridge = 13 miles
Cambridge to Johnsburg = 70 miles

Halloween Road Trip = 122 miles!!!

She also wore her cute skeleton shirt on Thursday, so thought we'd post that pic too:

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aunt kristen said...

miss emily, looked soooo cute in your costume!!! You forgot one place to trick-or-treat....our house in billings! you could have added another 1000 miles to your trip!! Oh, we miss you so much. I will see you next week though! YEA!! :-) love you lots!