Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Summer photos

It's been a fun summer so far! Hard to believe we are already half-way through August! Only a few weeks until Emily starts Kindergarten. Crazy! Crazy! Crazy!

We decided to teach Em how to ride a two wheeler without training wheels. She picked it up really quick!

First time on the bike after taking the training wheels off

Daddy helped the first day but then decided his patience wasn't designed to teach a stubborn five year old how to ride a bike, so Mommy took over :) I practiced about 4 evenings with her over a 2 week period. She was doing great but still had some troubles with turning. But then she was off to Aunt Kalli & Uncle Mark's for 4 days so we didn't practice. She came home and apparently her 2 cousins (Reese and AJ) decided to finish up where I left off! She came home and was a rockstar 2 wheel rider! Here is video of her:

We are riding on the road several times a week already. She is doing awesome and we are so proud of her.

She is spending the summer with a babysitter, which she adores, but also seems to be missing that little kid interaction. So I've been having Claire do some more activities with her during the week and I've also been trying to do things with her in the evening. Madison has an activity called "Art in the Park". This van full of art supplies (and 2 instructors) travels from park to park and sets up shop for a few hours. So we hit one up a few weeks ago.

Art in the cart - weaving a basket. Super cute idea!

We went up north in early August and brought Em's cousin, Mikaiya with us. It was a real treat. Mikaiya was very well-behaved and Em loved having a "sister". It was lots of fun.

We rented a jet ski for a day - the girls did great!

Here are the girls at the golf course getting ready for yummy fish fry!

Last weekend we went to the Waupun truck show for the night show light parade. It was really fun! We went with our neighbors Kathy & Andy, and Kory's trucker friend Nick and his wife Emily.

Em checking out one of the kiddie trucks!

Awesome country band!! - The Back Home Boys

Those ear covers are a godsend! THanks Daddy for remembering them. The parade is SOOO loud!
 Other random happenings from the last few weeks!!!!
All ready for a road ride!

Talking on the phone to Uncle Mike

Love this one of her on the phone...pretty sure we'll see this a million times over as she grows up!

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Model Emily

This summer, Emily has been hanging out with our high school babysitter. Her name is Claire and she recently graduated from Sun Prairie High School and is going away to college this fall (Boo hoo!!). Claire has a friend who recently started her own business for photography and she asked if Emily could model for it today. The pictures are awesome! Her name is Nicole and she is only on FB right now but is hoping to open her website soon. So if you want her information, let me know and I'll hook you up with her!

Here's a few of the pics...but open the link at the bottom for all the pics she took. AMAZING!

Here is a link to the pictures: https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/111189649889121896774/albums/5907235591137932641