Wednesday, December 04, 2013

First tooth and other randoms!

Emily had a loose tooth for several weeks and it finally fell out on November 5th! We were at the kitchen remodel place and all of I sudden I hear her saying something and I look over and she had pulled her tooth right out! She was sooooo excited. The people were so nice and put it in an envelope for us. We got home and she unfortunately took it out of the envelope to show her teddy bear...yes her teddy bear...and she dropped it!!!! We still have not found that silly tooth yet! Oh well. The tooth fairy still came :)

We have had lots of other random fun things in November so I thought I'd post them all below!!!

Emily with Madi & Maya. They were playing dress up and came out in mustaches. We always have a great time when Shelly, Jason & the girls come over!!!

This was mis-match day at school! Although it could happen on pretty much any day in our household :)

My 12 year old baby!!!! 

Helping daddy pick up leaves

Mommy and Emme in mustaches too!! We were trying to be all serious.

Random selfie #1

Random selfie #2

Random selfie #3
 I had about 15 more selifes but thought I'd save you all from looking at each and every one. LOL!

Emily's teacher was looking for some beanie babies to use for reading connections in her classroom and I posted it on my FB page asking for help. We had a friend of a friend contact me with an entire tote of beanie babies! We happily donated them to Mrs. Steeger's class. YAY!

Emily is really into those rainbow loom bracelets. Here she is sorting all her rubber bands by color

Emily is now a Daisy - it's basically the entry level of girl scouts. She is loving it so far!!!

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