Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Christmas Day 2010

Christmas Day was really special this year because we got to stay home in our jammies all day :) We had Tom and Bonnie (Kory's mom and stepdad) over for a delicious prime rib meal. I am not a big prime rib fan, but Kory, Bonnie and Tom all said it was one of the best one's they've ever had. Yay!! Anyways, Christmas day was super fun and I am glad we got to relax and spend it with Bonnie & Tom!!!

We woke up Christmas morning to the "TV being covered up" as Em put it :)

First she took the sheet of her baby station. It has a basinett, sink and high chair for her dollies.

Then it was Daddy's turn..he opened his refractometer...huh? Yeah...that's what I said! He was obviously excited though.

Next was on to the doll house. It was a riot because she uncovered the sheet and stood infront of it for a few seconds and then said "Where are all the kids?". LOL! So then she had to find the package with the people in it!

Here's Emme and Daddy arranging the furniture. Santa did good on the doll house!

Here's Emmers emptying her stocking. She had fun going through all the little things Santa got her. Hello Kitty was big this year!

Our cat Bea also enjoyed the doll house. You should have seen Em's face when she saw Bea in the house...that didn't last long!!! Emily is not exactly an animal lover!
 Later in the morning, Bonnie and Tom came by.

Emily helping G open a present from her.

Em and G looking at her special book together. Emily did a photo book of 2010 photos of herself :)

This was one of her favorite gifts. She kept calling it a "ten-o" and I said, "No Emily, it's a tent". It took me about 3 days to figure out she was saying "tunnel". So yes...she's right. It's a tent with a tunnel attached! Whoops mommy!!

So happy with her new doll from G. Just don't call it a baby doll. It's a "little gurl" doll. She walks around asking here here "little gurl" is...LOL!

Snug as a bug, in a rug....errr...tent.
We hope everyone had as nice of a holiday as we did. This year was extra special that my sister and her family were here. Emily loves having cousins close by to play with. It was also extra special to see the smile and surprise on Em's face with all the presents. She was very thankful and had a great time opening her presents.
Hugs to all!!!

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