Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Christmas Eve 2010

We had a wonderful holiday season this year. I have lots of blogs to do, so I won't write too much - check out the pics from Christmas Eve 2010.

We stopped over at Kory's mom and stepdad's house to give little Zander his xmas present. Snapped this cute pic of Emme and Zpants.
 We spent Christmas Eve evening at Cori & Jeff's new house. They hosted a wonderful holiday with my entire family and our good family friends - Mary & Ray.
There was quite the array of new Wisconsin attire considering the Stampf's relocation to WI and my parents moving to WI too!!

Here's Em showing Grammy the book we made for her of Em's pics from 2010.

Love this pic of Casey & Mike

This was Casey and Mike fighting over who had the better team...is it WI (mike's shirt) or IA (casey's shirt)...looks to me like Iowa won out in this photo!!!

We got this cute sweatshirt for Braenna. She loves Elmo! She immediately had her mommy put it over her adorable Christmas dress!

Here is Em using her new hair salon kit to fix Grammy's hair. Also Mikaiya, Mary and Ray looking on as someone is opening another present!

Here's Em very excited to open the Dora doll that CeCe and Mike got her!!!

Look at that death stare---"Do NOT touch my Dora doll, Braenna". LOL!

Here's the 3 girls with the puppets that Mary and Ray got them.

More WI attire!!!

Here's Ray (a nurse) showing Emily how the knee hammer works out of her Dr's kit. Thanks Ray! Now she walks around banging it on my knee!!!

Braenna loves her Papa!!!!

Here's the girls sprinkling the reindeer food :)

Oh wait...Dad got a WI shirt too :)
Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas everyone.

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