Wednesday, January 05, 2011


We took Em to see Barney for her 3rd birthday present from mommy & daddy. We didn't tell her until the day before because we knew it would be difficult to explain. Try telling a 3 year old that you're going to see a concert..huh? what's a concert? in person? huh? Sitting next to me? up on stage in front of you? oh....Barney sit next to me? Um no. So yeah...that conversation was interesting. Pretty sure she had no idea what to expect...but she loved it!!!

Here we were getting ready for the show to start!

Do you think she liked it???

Doing one of the "dance moves"

Pretty sure this one was the itsy bitsy spider

Dancing in the aisle

While we were in the Dells we stayed at the Polynesian hotel and waterpark. She loved the quiet and small atmosphere. It was perfect for our little buggy!

We even got a video of Emily dancing during Barney. It starts out a little slow and dark, but keep watching. OMG! You will be laughing hysterically by the end. I have no idea where she got these dance moves from......


Casey said...

OMG...I laughed so hard I teared up! I miss my bug! Need to spend some time with you guys soon!

P, K, & O said...

Sooo cute! She really loved the show...great idea! :-) Love the video, she is a great dancer!