Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Did Kacey Really Turn 30???

She sure did!!! We had a SURPRISE weekend planned for her! I can't believe we actually pulled it off without her knowing. She knew we were going somewhere - but had no idea where. She was determined we were going to the Dells - until we got on the Beltline and headed south. Then she was sooo confused. She started out saying Platteville? Dubuque? The farm? ha ha We had her fooled!!!

We arrived in Galena at the Galena Cellars Winery for our first stop of the day.

Amy put together a box for her that explained her entire day. It was fun to watch her open it and she was so happy about what we had planned:

Here's Kacey showing off her "30" glass that Amy got for her:

Here is a picture of the girls tasting their wines - we got to pick 6 each:

Mother/Daughter - in their matching jean jackets :)

After the Winery - we went to Wild Clover Spa and enjoyed a treatment of our choice! It was fantastic and very relaxing.

Here is Liz, Alli and Julie getting their pedicures:

After the Winery and Spa - we went to Amy's grandparents house in the Territories - talk about amazing!!! It was so beautiful out in the woods and up on these giant hills. You could see for miles. We all sat around, relaxed and played some games. Then we all pitched in and made a yummy taco dinner.

Here's a picture out the windows of the home:

After dinner - we all decided to go out on the town!! Here's Amy, Kacey and Me all ready to go. Kacey has a "Birthday Bitch" tiarra on that everyone thought was a bachelorette! Too funny!! She'd be like "No - read it, I'm the Bitch" ha ha

Here we are before the girls got wild and crazy! Liz, Julie, Lila and Kacey:

Some guy somehow convinced Kacey and Amy to go sing - they were "trying" to sing 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun'...woah...there are a lot of words to that song!!!

Then the girls put their dancing shoes on!!!

Bonnie seemed to get all the attention from the men!!!

Love this pic of Lila and Kacey! You girls are a riot!!!

We had such a fun time. Thanks to everyone who came and who helped put the party on. We FINALLY surprised Kacey!!!! Thanks also to Amy and her grandparents for letting us stay in their georgous home - it was amazing!!!

It's been a busy few weeks around our house. It's started cooling off here too - so we're enjoying the fall weather.

Here are 2 recent pics of Miss Em:


Parker & Kristen said...

Awesome party! Wish I could have been there to join the festivities! I heard about my mom...we will have to keep our eyes on her! Glad the surprise turned out...great job!

grandma bonnie said...

Teresa, you did a great job of planning for the weekend--thanks, it was fantastic. It was so fun, we all had a super time as you can see!! I can't believe that Kacey is 30!!!! Oh, gosh, I am old!!!!! I love the pics of Miss Emily...