Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hayward Vacation

Mom, Emily and I took last week off and headed up north to my parents house in Hayward, WI. We had a BLAST! It was quite the busy week, but we still got lots of relaxation time in.

One of the most exciting parts of our whole trip was finding the missing bean bags coffee can....we have been looking for this can for the last 2 years up north! LOL! It is too funny because we all blamed each other on who lost the bean bags for the bean bags game. Casey and Mom ended up sewing some new ones last year so we could play. Well mom and I were driving out one day and saw something red in the trees. We had to stop and see if it was the missing can...and sure was! We came to find out that the coffee can has definite teeth marks in it - so something grabbed it and ran with it! I only found one of the four bean bags and it had been torn open and all the corn was gone. Too funny. Well at least we now know we aren't all losing our minds! We could not figure out what happened to them.

We got a lot of playing outside time even though it was March in Hayward. We totally lucked out on weather. Yay! Here are a few videos of Em playing with her toys. We're pretty sure she's the athlete in the family!!!

Here's Em out playing on her tricycle.

Here's my smiling sweetheart:

Here she is sitting in Gee's end table with Dora:

We even went to the park one day. Here she is out playing:

...and swinging:

...and getting ready to go down the 'wee' (a.k.a slide):
We even took a day and went to Duluth/Superior. We took Em to the Duluth Children's Museum. I wouldn't recommend was pretty lame. Madison's is MUCH better!!!
Here she is playing with the train table at the museum:

Here she is fishing at the museum:
Then we took a stop at the mall. This was just prior to Em's major meltdown!!!!
And my favorite pic....Emme and Gee looking out over lake Superior. Duluth was soooo georgous!


Jeff said...

Glad you found the lost bags. Maybe you guys need to feed Mike more when he's up there!

Brahmstadts said...

How cute is that....glad you had a fun week!