Sunday, March 07, 2010

The Many Faces of Emily

Here are some pics of Emily from February - sorry I am so far behind on blogging!!

Here she is making Daddy's valentine's day you can see she got a little side tracked stamping herself instead of the paper!!

LOVE this pic of Em! It is just "her". She was eating a sucker she got at Miss Trischia's that day for valentine's day. What a cutie pie!

Here is Emily playing with her buddy Tyler. We had a fantastic day and spent the whole day together. First we took Tyler to our music class in the morning - it was a special free class for friends. Then we went to McDonald's and let the kiddos run around and play. Then we went to a nursery school fundraiser where we got to see a really cool kid's musician Dave Landeau and got to hang out with Jess, Jon, Noah and Lia too. The place was a little crazy, so we didn't stay too long. Below is a pic of Tyler and Emme at our house afterwards:

My little rockstar....

I just love this one in her fancy jewlery. Gotta love after-nap hair :)

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