Sunday, March 07, 2010

Our Fashion Icon and other random things...

Emily decided one night after bath that she needed to wear tights to bed. So this was her waking up the next morning in her t-shirt and tights.

Thought this picture was a riot!! When Em asks to do something "one more time" this is what she does - except she says "three". No idea where that came from....and also no idea why this time she decided to put her blanket over her head. She is too cute!

This pic is from last Friday. Emme was going to Miss Trischia's for daycare since Grandma Bonnie was out in Portland taking care of Kurt and Kalli. She started out saying she wanted to wear tights, so she picked out the ones she has on below. I got her into the jean skirt and then she decided she wanted to wear that red flowered shirt....and then the purple zip up...and then the multi-colored striped shoes. I was like...whatever! I will pick my battles and this isn't one of them! Somehow she found Daddy's hat sitting around and thought that would complete her outfit!

We have recently started give Emily her big girl cup for dinner. So when she sits at the table during dinner she gets to use her big girl cup. She's done well so far. It's been about a week and I think there has only been 1 major spill! yay Emme!

This was at Auntie CeCe's and thought it was sooo funny. Emily was sitting up on their counter watching the fish swim around the fish tank.

We have been working with Emily on potty training. We want to put her into a preschool 2 days a week and the one we really like requires them to be potty trained. So this weekend we really worked with her and she is now telling us quite regularly when she has to go potty. She is doing such a good job. We hope we can keep it up and she'll be potty trained in no time...wish us luck!!

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