Sunday, March 07, 2010

College Girls Weekend

We had our first (but hopefully annual!!!) college girls weekend in Wisconsin Dells. We stayed at the Kalahari in a family suite and it was perfect! We had such a good time. There were 5 of us who came on Friday and went shopping at the outlet mall and then came back to the hotel for happy hour beverages/appetizers and nice catching up time. Then we headed out to a dinner at one of the restaurants in the hotel. We came back to the room and got our suits on to go hit the hot tub and walked all the way to the waterpark to realize that it had just closed...LOL! So we came back to the room for some more girl talk. Pretty sure we were all sound asleep by 11! We are sooo old!!!

Then on Saturday morning, we got up and had fancy coffee's and muffins from the coffee shop in the hotel while waiting for the last 2 girls to arrive. Once all 7 of us were there we relaxed and got ready for our spa treatments.

Here's Tina and Alison hanging out:

Some of the girls got pedi's and others got massages. Here is Katie enjoy her hot stone pedicure. They were awesome!!!

After our spa treatments, we headed for a lunch in the hotel. Here is Sarah, Heather and myself waiting for our lunch to arrive:

After lunch we headed to the bar in the waterpark. Here's Sarah, Katie and Cori with "The Captain" in the background. LOL!

We stayed in the waterpark for a few hours hopping between the hot tub and even a few of us girls did some waterslides. They were soooo fun! We are never too old for tubing it down a waterslide, right?

After the waterpark, we decided to get dressed up and actually head out for a nice dinner and head to the dance club.
Thank goodness the hotel room had 2 full bathrooms - it really was the perfect set-up for all 7 of us!

Here's the make-up artist Alison doing Tina's make-up...ahhh the memories from Winona! Some things never change :)

Here we are all ready to go out enjoying a few beverages for "free" before having to pay for our drinks. We may be older, but we are all still just as cheap!!

On our way to the restaurant, Tina decided she needed a ride. Here's Heather giving her a good push!

Here's the girls after dinner enjoying some drinks at the bar. It was a fun bar where the bartenders do all these dance movies and stuff like in the movie Cocktail. It was really fun!

Here's Ali, Heather and Tina - beautiful girls!!!

I am so thankful to have such wonderful friends. Hard to believe it's been 10 years ladies. We may be older, but it's amazing that we are all still such great friends. Hope we can do this again next year. Love you!

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