Sunday, March 07, 2010

Annual Winter Waterpark Weekend

Every year we get together with some our friends and head up to the Dells for a winter weekend at a waterpark. Typically we have always gone to the Wilderness Hotel, but this year we decided to stay closer to home and we went to the Holiday Inn West in Madison. It was perfect for all the little ones. There were 5 kids and Emily was the oldest!!!

Here is Daddy with baby Zander and Emily...OMG does Emme look pasty white compared to Z or what? LOL!
Check out our little diva in her bikini. She LOVED the waterpark.
This is the only pic I have of the kids in the water because I was busy chasing Emily around the whole day! SORRY! At least it's a good pic of Tiffy and Z.

Here's a group shot of our small room with lots of friends!!!

Little Anika (Matt and Brenda's little girl) is cheesing it up for the camera. If you even point the camera in her direction she shows you a beautiful smile. She is such a little peanut, and such a sweetheart too!

Here's Zander enjoying hanging out with everyone. He loves all the ladies!!!

Anika decided it would be fun to hang out in the cabinet under the sink. Emily decided to join her for a while.

Emily did SOOO good potty training this weekend. She hardly had a wet diaper the whole time. I am so proud of her! We were getting her ready for bed and Kory handed her a pull up and next thing we know she is running around the hotel room looking like this - everyone thought it was hysterical!
Here's Tiffy holding baby Landon. Kacey and Tony were babysitting him for a friend. It was really funny to see Kacey and Tony with 9 month old Zander and 6 week old Landon. People looked at them a little strange! It also gave Nick and Tiff good practice considering they are expecting a baby in August. Yay! We can't wait to meet the little guy/girl.

Here is Emily and Grace (Amy & Erik's daughter) giving hugs. Emily is 6 months older than Grace, but they seem really close in age and have lots of fun together.

This picture made us all laugh hysterically. We put Ani, Grace And Emme all together on the couch and by the time I snapped the picture (and I am quick!!) Ani was already almost off the edge of the couch and Emme was getting off the other side. Grace was sitting there still saying "cheese"...being such a good little girl, unlike the other two. LOL!

Uncle Kory fed baby Zander his bottle before bed and put him to sleep!! Emme got a little jealous and had to jump up and snuggle too. What a sweet picture. Emily absolutely loves Z....oh and check out that kid's cheeks. I LOVE to kiss them!!!!

The End.


Brahmstadts said...

Thanks for sharing...great photos.

P, K, & O said...

Love all the pics...Emily looks so old...where has the time gone?? Looks like her and Zander are best buds! Take care, miss you guys