Sunday, March 07, 2010

Emily Turns 2...a little late!

We finally had Emily's 2nd birthday party. We went to Rossario's in Monona for Spaghetti on a Board...they literally take a huge mound of pasta, sauce and meatballs and dump them on the table. You all get a fork and eat out of the same pile. It is so much fun! Em loved the spaghetti and I think everyone else did too. It was a really nice relaxing afternoon with great friends and family. Thanks everyone for coming!

Here is Emme sucking down a noodle. She loved sucking them in and getting spaghetti sauce all over the place!

Here's a shot of the table with Em peeking at me-

Here's a shot from the other end of the table and you can see the giant mound of spaghetti. I think we ended up with 6 full boxes of leftovers!

Here's a pic of Em's DELICIOUS birthday cake that we got from Carl's Cakes at Market Street Diner in Sun Prairie. It was vanilla cake with raspberry was delicious!!!

Everyone singing Happy Birthday to Emily and Daddy helping her blow out the two candles.
Here's Emme enjoying her cake. She's just like her mommy and enjoys eating all the frosting the best!

That night we opened a few presents. Here she is opening her presents from mommy and daddy:
She opened some presents from my parents earlier in the day - and here is Daddy and Grandpa putting her new easel together. Check out Em's "diaper crack". LOL! You must know the joke about Walker girls to get this one!

Here's Em enjoying her easel the next morning - and yes, her hair always looks like that after a night of good sleep!

This pic has absolutely nothing to do with her 2nd birthday. Daddy took it a few days later, but I love this one, so I just had to post it!!

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